World news – African Union – the International Automobile Federation explains the crane accident during the second quarter in Turkey


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The drivers were released to start the session while Nicholas Latifi’s car was still being recovered after al-Kindi wrapped near the end of the first session.

After the first quarter ended, a rescue vehicle was dispatched to take Williams off the road.

The normal procedure is for on-site officials to keep the race controller course writer informed of progress and then contact Massey.

A message was received that the mission would be completed by the time the cars passed in their lap at the start of the second quarter, and thus it was duly released on time..

However, it took longer than expected to move the crane behind the bulkhead, and as it continued to be in the run-down zone, drivers were surprised to find yellow flags waving.

Even though it was outside, they were trying to get up quickly to keep the temperature in their wet tires.

“We released the cars from the parking lane while the rescue vehicle was heading to the escape route,” Massy said..

“The following information provided by the race official to Racing Control that the car will be clear of the track before the cars in their laps reach Turn 8 where they recover.

“Once it became apparent that the recovery vehicle was delayed moving completely into the bulkhead opening, we enlarged the area of ​​the double-waving yellow flags from Turn 8 to the entry point at Turn 7 to further slow the cars in their outer rounds.

“This is clearly not a scenario we want to see, and thanks to hindsight we would have done it differently and kept the cars until the recovery was complete..


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World News – AU – FIA explains crane accident during Q2 from Turkey


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