World News – African Union – The Senate is investigating media bias and ownership following Kevin Rudd’s petition


The Federal Senate will conduct a widespread investigation into news media ownership, bias, and its impact on democracy, only days after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s petition on the matter is submitted to Parliament

A proposal by the Green Party, by Senator Sarah Hanson Young, was supported by the Labor Party and some members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon.

The proposal calls for the Environment and Communications Reviewer Committee to open an investigation into « the state of diversity, independence and reliability of the media in Australia and its impact on public interest journalism and democracy »

Senator Hanson Young’s proposal calls for an investigation of « any barriers to Australian voters’ ability to access reliable, accurate, and independent news « 

You will also study the « impact of media focus on democracy, » and how social media has affected the news industry

Senator Hanson Young told the Guardian Australia Wednesday: « The intimate relationship between the coalition government and News Corp must be scrutinized. »

“When you have half a million people signing a petition based on an investigation into Murdoch’s domination of the news media, Parliament should listen”

The proposal comes days after Mr. Rudd’s petition, which called for a full ownership committee for media bias and ownership, was submitted to the House of Representatives.

It was signed by more than 500,000 people, making it the largest electronic petition ever on the Parliament website

Labor MP Andrew Lee, who presented the petition to Parliament on Monday, said, « In Australia, the media has shrunk and focused significantly. »

“Health media is not a luxury – it is essential to a strong democracy,” he later added.

Labor MPs did not formally support Mr. Rudd’s calls to the royal commission. However, Labor senators supported the Greens’s proposal on Wednesday, which set up a Senate investigation, and is less powerful than the Royal Commission.

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World News – African Union – Senate to investigate media bias and ownership following petition Kevin Rudd


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