World News – African Union – The three major front wing modifications launched by Red Bull in Turkey


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Max Verstappen and Alex Albon both seem to be more comfortable handling the RB16 than on recent weekends – although there is no grip on display from the race track rooftop in Istanbul – and that could be due to some detailed changes It was performed at the front of the car.

Red Bull’s performance definitely helped bridge the gap against Mercedes throughout the season, and as focused development efforts as it was on its front winger.

There were three changes made to the front spoiler wing this weekend, including a revised shape of the footplate arch, the blisters in the curved section between the footplate and the end plate and the Gurney tab attached to the posterior edge of the footplate.

These may seem like very small adjustments in isolation, but as a group they will have a much bigger impact.

Think of it as a daisy string, with a single link potentially causing problems for the entire chain. This means that very often, a change in one area will force designers to come back and improve other areas, which turns into a constant game of push and pull to find the best arrangement..

Footstool shape is something in flux as teams have been experimenting with different footplate shapes and sizes over the years.

The more arched solution has been popular for a number of years but now we seem to be finding ourselves at a point where the flat box shape is preferred, just like the one we see using Red Bull here..

However, it’s the central portion of the wing that has actually changed the most in the last few races, with Red Bull inserting a slit under the wing requiring designers to effectively steal real estate from the footboard and finish plate, creating a blister on the surface Upper.

It remains unclear whether the notch is part of a larger system that could inflate the back edge of the end plate, or simply have an effect on the pressure gradient.

But it is clear that its size and shape will be affected by these reviews, as the blister formed on the upper surface of the joint between the footplate and the end plate has been altered..

Meanwhile, the formerly square Gurney tab with the rear edge of the footrest is now angled. This creates a joint with the outer back corner, as the team clearly likes to manipulate how the vortices that form in this area work..

Red Bull also arrived in Turkey with a new head you can try, which features a mailbox-style entrance on either side of the section as it pulls away from the main body of the nose.

The shape of the inlet indicates that airflow will be drawn from the top surface to the underside to enhance performance. It could be that the long head turned on was not performing as expected or providing the kind of aerodynamic consistency desired..

Red Bull evaluated the different configurations during the free training sessions on Friday, while the car was also equipped with a Kiel probe to collect data on the parts performance..

This is critical in the development cycle because it allows the team to assess whether the parts are working as expected by the team simulation work..

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World News – African Union – The three major front wing modifications Red Bull has launched in Turkey


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