World news – ‘American Idol’ stars Luke Bryan and Katy Perry are already playing in season 4


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American Idol is officially back and it seems like two meters is not enough for Judges Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.

In a recent interview with the E! News Daytime Show Daily Pop, the ABC contest show panelists, were asked if they had failed to be « nice and close » during the foreplay process. While Lionel Richie made it clear that he is delighted to be back on set with Luke and Katy, his fellow Idol judges were a little less enthusiastic.

« I don’t mind that much, » Katy said about further apart sitting to follow socially distant guidelines. « I mean, I miss Lionel … But Luke, you know, I’m not … »

Strangely, the country star who was earlier seen in the clip above with an extended grapple tool jumped, to peck at Katy’s hat to disprove what the « Fireworks » singer was going to say next. « Hey, you’re the one who didn’t apply deodorant today! » Luke clapped back.

« Well, I’m a mother. I forget things now, » Katy explained, pointing out that she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom had greeted a little girl named Daisy Dove last August. « And besides am i too busy. But now I don’t get snapped by [Luke’s] boogers. « 

That was all the Idol judges needed to break out in laughter. Of course, it’s clear that Luke and Katy’s joke is just in the name of a joke, much like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton all along joked about The Voice. We’re sure they’re just as excited as Lionel to judge the reality contest show again, but we can’t wait to see what other funny things they say when season four starts on Valentine’s Day.


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