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And tries to move up from P18. He surely will. I think he’s sitting in the back of an AlphaTauri car and leaving his lap. He was 0. 9s after two sectors on Hamilton so could have slipped into the top 10 if he had continued. But it didn’t, as the AlphaTauri was just sitting on the apex near the beginning of the last sector.

He’s from Hamilton within a second too. Back on the softs. Track conditions that are not particularly representative of qualifying and the race. Plus the complications of some rain (although nowhere near enough to ride anything other than slicks) and the Pirelli development tires that have been ridden.

The only driver within a second ahead of Hamilton who is not a Mercedes, just a little bit ahead of Gasly. However, he was on the softs while Gasly was on the media. Gasly finished fourth here in his first full season, remember, and that was arguably the result (along with a few others) that gave him Red Bull Drive for 2019.

Verstappen spins on the last lap but keeps it going. He’s on the Pirelli development tires that he says are flat. Will he continue? He’s doing it right now. He is supposed to do six time laps with them and he has only done one so far. . .

0. 567s ahead of Gasly and also on the middle tire. If anything, which shows how good Gasly’s round was. That said, Hamilton just beat Bottas by 0. 449s fastest to go.

And he says: « Get rid of the limits of the f —— lane. « Nonsense on stilts, as they say.

And on a medium tire! Variation! It’s a good round though. A 1. 30th. 049, 0. 084s before Hamilton. He’s having a stormy season even if you take away his monumental Monza win.

So we’re halfway there. Hamilton at the helm. So far not much has been going on on the middle tires, mainly on the hard, unmarked Pirellis or the softs. Only Norris and Latifi have tried the media.

And probably from a small piece first. 0. 5s after the first two sectors and he actually loses over three tenths in the last sector â ???? but still fastest at 0. 144s ahead of team-mate Bottas. Yellow flags for Grosjean and it’s a long detour back to the track. Large flat spot on the front left. What happened?

Lost the stern in turns five and six in the essences, goes backwards into the gravel, but keeps it away from the barrier. Now Leclerc also has a break.

Track Limits? ï¸ ?? This weekend, stewards will take action at the exit of Turn 4 against drivers who run far – Hamilton loses a lap time for this # BahrainGP ð ???? §Ð ???? # F1 pic. Twitter. com / x5xjldSt6N

But Albon goes to 0 first. 077 ahead of Hamilton who is now on these unmarked tires. Both Red Bulls on the softs.

He’s had a couple of pech cases that Hamilton didn’t. Think of Silverstone’s first race, a few other damage to the ground during races, an engine failure at the Eifel Grand Prix. Take this away and he would be closer to Hamilton. Put that on Hamilton’s car and even closer. Enough for him to lead the championship? Probably not too far away. Even so, Hamilton was the best in all areas and that gap was significant in the races.

Albon on the unmarked tires, everyone else on the hard bar Kvyat and Latifi on the softs and Giovinazzi on the media.

In the usual place. However, this tire is usually discharged and therefore often looks worse than it is. Even so, it is spotted really flat. At two places.

Bottas is locked in the notoriously tricky turn 10 ð ?????? He is the second so far behind Hamilton # BahrainGP ð ???? §Ð ???? # F1 pic. Twitter. com / NLviCGpqX8

It wasn’t a terrible season for him, but it wasn’t a great one either. Just two wins. A win or two in the last three races would go down very well.

Its front left side lifted off the ground in the corners. Totally strange. He’s back in the pits.


2021 Pirelli tires will be used by all drivers in different places during these two training sessions. Lando Norris is currently riding a set of unlabelled tires. A minimum of six time laps is required for every Pirelli car.

Introduction on a set of Pirelli test tires ð ?????? Both vehicles on a set of C3 tires that will be used in the 2021 season. # HaasF1 #BahrainGP # FP1 picture. Twitter. com / zExpe4MUrn

Robert Kubica is also in action for Alfa Romeo, so there are two reserve drivers in action. This time Russell and Raikkonen have given way.

It’s madness that he has no place for next year, let alone a good one. I posted a comment today in which I see why Red Bull would be wrong to prefer reigning Alexander Albon to the experienced, talented, extremely impressive and free Pérez.

He is the son of seven-time champion Michael and the current leader of the F2 championship. He is close to the F1 seat for 2021 – although this has not yet been confirmed. We looked at how good he is and whether he can be successful in F1. Read the whole piece here.

For his third appearance this season, @RoyNissany will be in the car for FP1 this morning. ð ?? ¤ ?? ð ?? ¤ ?? #BahrainGP ð ???? §Ð ???? | #WeAreWilliams ð ?????? image. Twitter. com / F9597wHOJW

For those interested, there is some rain in the air and also in the area. Tomorrow it can rain in qualifying, if not by far. Sunday is expected to be largely dry and sunny, although it is obviously over the horizon for the race.

And welcome to our coverage of the first of the last triple headers of the strange but action-packed 2020 season of Formula 1. The triple header starts with a race under light here in Bahrain on the traditionally used track. Then next week we’ll have the never-before-used exterior layout, which will likely be very, very fast. The final on 13. Finishing December is the final on one of the worst tracks on the calendar. the Yas Marina racetrack in Abu Dhabi. Fortunately (or not) both titles have already been wrapped.

In the last few years we have had some very good races after both championships have been decided and some races occasionally end of the season. Drivers leaving teams (Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz) and some who are most likely leaving the sport (Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen).

Although Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes will be at the top of their respective rankings when everything is done and dusted, there are still a few smaller places to be decided, especially fourth in the drivers’ standings and third in the constructors. It’s very tight in both.

Four points separate Sergio Pérez (unbelievable that he has no place for next year. . . ), Ricciardo and Charles Leclerc with Sainz, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon a little further back and realistically out of competition, unless something very strange happens. Anyone from Racing Point, Renault, McLaren or Ferrari could take third place for the teams. Racing Point was currently leading with 154, McLaren with 149 and Renault with 136. Ferrari is on 130 and is it an outside bet? Both riders will have to put in some excellent performance to outperform the three teams above them. But you never know.

Anyway, training in Bahrain starts at 11 a.m., so in just over an hour. It rained earlier. You could say the reference is in the name, but it is not â ???? It’s in a desert. . .

As always, I’ll be here to see all the updates and discussion points for the two Friday exercises, the second of which is under light.

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World news – AU – Bahrain Grand Prix 2020, F1 first practice session: live updates



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