World News – AU – 3Ps Cod Stock Still in Critical Area says DFO


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Despite the fact that fishing is a fraction of the mortality rate among cod stocks off the county’s southern coast, DFO science suggests fishing in the area is to the lowest possible levels.

A stock assessment on 3Ps cod was released this week, showing that natural death rates off the island’s southern coast last year were among the highest observed..

The Fish Protection Officer says that although they have seen increases in natural mortality rates, fishing mortality has decreased since 2015 and is relatively low compared to natural deaths..

Total reported landings in 2019-20 were 3,500 tons compared to 4,700 tons in 2018-2019.

Employment is also below the long-term average set since the mid-1990s, indicating that fewer young fish are produced.

Environmental changes are largely the culprit, biologist at the Division of Fisheries and Oceans, Danny Ings..

The water temperatures have risen some time ago and more types of warm water are moving into the area.

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World News – AU – 3Ps Cod Stock Still in a critical area says DFO
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