World News – AU – AFL is amending the rules as it looks to «  unlock the game  » in 2021


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The NFL will strongly consider mandating at least three players on each team to position within 50-meter arcs at all pauses in the bid to fight defensive structures.

The base will be tested in the new VFL and East Coast Level 2 competition next year, with an eye toward presenting it at the elite level for 2022..

The innovation comes as the NFL on Wednesday announced three changes to the rules for the 2021 season designed to facilitate more offensive play and lead to higher scores..

As expected, there will be a further drop in the exchange tournaments to a maximum of 75 per team, down from 90 last season..

Players standing on the marker are permitted to make the « lower » side movement only, and on additional hits, the mark will be located 15 meters from the center of the starting line.

“The evolution of the game has seen an increase in defensive structures and these changes taken together are designed to provide a better balance between attack and defense while encouraging more open ball movement,” Steve Hawking, AFL’s Director of Football Operations, said in a statement..

“We have some of the most skilled athletes in the world, and the three changes are designed to reduce the defensive ability of teams and open the game, providing an opportunity for players to gain more freedom to play by instinct and display from their natural taste.

“Our game is doing well but we all want more which makes our game great.

Hawking said the NFL had not considered reducing the number of players on the field to create more space.

He said the base being tested in VFL and East Coast will have this effect by deploying players to the ground.

Fewer exchange rounds are also expected to cause more player fatigue and lead to fewer players who can reach downtime, thus reducing congestion.

The maximum rotation could drop further in future seasons but was only reduced by 15 for the next year so as not to put players under too much pressure..

“We felt that this was the right level and that it was a gradual change, so we will remain open to what the future looks like after 2021,” Hawking said..

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