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The Alcidion Group (ALC) signed a $ 9 5 million deal with the South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Over five years, Alcidion will supply the NHS Trust with Miya Precision and Better OPENeP solution

Miya Precision digitizes patient records and care processes while OPENeP is an electronic system for prescribing and medication management

Kate Quirk, managing director of Alcidion Group, said South Tees will be one of the first in the US for you to use healthcare technologies

“It’s very rewarding to see South Tees enter into this agreement shortly after we officially launched Miya Precision as the NHS’s first smart clinical asset,”

South Tees was the second NHS Trust to secure solutions from Alcidion last year and is also the largest contract signed to Miya Precision to date

South Tees Chief Clinical Information Officer and Emergency Medicine Consultant Dr. Andrew Adair said the technology will provide major efficiency improvements

“Our agreement with Alcidion will allow us to accelerate our digital maturity and the adoption of modern technology that will have a very significant positive impact on the daily lives of the people who use it,” said Dr. Adair

“We are determined to conclude this agreement at a time of unprecedented pressure in the NHS. The systems we are about to implement will help ease the burden that medical staff who work incredibly hard at, by reducing the time they spend on manual procedures and saving some Absolutely wonderful clinical decision support tools, « he said

Alcidion shares opened 40 percent higher, and 175 cents traded at 10:25 am ET

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World News – AU – The Alcidion Group (ASX: ALC) rises $ 9 5M deal With U as the NHS Trust – The Market Herald
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