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Whether this phrase invokes Luke’s pledge of love to Lorelai in Gilmore Girls or Daniel Craig as he pushes all his chips through Casino Royale, for Milwaukee Bucks fans, it will be forever tied to the twilight hours of November 16, 2020. As that magical night turns into early morning, Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania made the news that Jon Horst was not satisfied with the fringe moves. Instead, he was dropping any semblance of a young future, ditching Eric Bledso, George Hill, three first-round picks, and two swaps on Jrue Holiday.. Then, about an hour later, Kevin O’Connor first mentioned that the Bucks were chasing Bogdanovich’s sign and traded it.. . Wuj later confirmed that he would be grooms, Dr.. J. Wilson and Donty Devencino are heading to Sacramento on the deal.

And as such, within an hour, the Milwaukee Bucks had a completely new team. For anyone afraid to replay the regular season next year, there is a brand new cast to bring things to life.

Bucks has never had a mass trade of this size before. They were on the other side of it when the Lakers gave up a boat of possibilities back in the day to Karim Abdul-Jabbar.. Hurst sacrificed every ounce of capital he could get for Jrue Holiday, a player they believe would be exemplary in terms of style and culture in Milwaukee. In Bogdanovich, they get a «  do everything  » wing that can make their way next to Guru and Chris, can light the moon in both backcountries, and hopefully translate into post-season, an experience never before seen in Sacramento..

Let’s call a spade a spade, the cost was enormous. Effectively, five first-round picks, In the Void, are a Jrue Holiday bonus. He’s never been an All Star (maybe a bit of a Western Conference issue), and he doesn’t touch the stellar potential of players like Chris Paul, James Harden, Paul George and other disaffected recently on the go. One thing he doesn’t know: an indignant person.

One of the clear hints of this move, and the lack of noise around Chris Paul, is that Hurst, Giannis, Bad and Bucks values ​​their « not the loafers » ecosystem to an immeasurable degree.. A vacation is not a pure injection of talent, it is a mixture of decency, talent and personality. He’s the kind of player that Giannis would want to spend his first time playing with, rather than an easily outcast star whose feet freeze the moment he touches him at General Mitchell Airport..

The only question that was important next season was whether Giannis Antetokounmo would sign a Super Max contract and commit to the Bucks franchise for another five years. The fastest route between John Hurst’s office and Giannis’ signature on the dotted line was the NBA Championship, or a better-equipped roster to win the NBA Championship.. Choosing the first round in this year’s draft won’t do that. It was also not a fringe move for competent PG wiping the lowest rails set by Eric Bledsoe. Given the Bucks’ hard, realistic path to a massive trade like this, this just hints at the fact that Horst wanted to do everything possible to boost his chances of Giannis sticking to dollars.. If I were him, considering the best post-season players, you would have seen this:

2019-20: Giannis, Kress Middleton, Brooke Lopez. . . . . . . . . . . . . George Hill?. . . . . Eric Bledso (maybe but secretly Wes Matthews or Donti Devensenzo?)

Yes, I do. Now, there are many, many potential downsides here. Giving up a boat of shots is terrifying, but I can’t imagine it reaching Brooklyn-Boston levels of misery even in the darkest of timelines.. John Hurst seems to be taking a lot of pleasure in compiling [Zach Galifanakis’s gif] Choose protection over his transactions. I’d be suspicious if he didn’t do the same here in case the latter falls off this list and Giannis leaves. Jrue is restricted to only one season before he has a player option for 2021-22. One would imagine the Bucks had already arranged some kind of wink deal with him given the level of capital they had committed to, but this is never guaranteed.. Still, it’s down to the character’s fit. I think Jrue Holiday is a much more bona fide actor than most empowered stars who have been on the go in recent years.

Bogdan Bogdanovich looks ideally suited as a fourth banana in Milwaukee, but that signing and trading will make Milwaukee difficult, making it difficult to maneuver to fill out their list. They may be sniffing and have a whole bunch of debris. But, if last year showed anything, some guys are clearly willing to sacrifice the paycheck and come to Milwaukee, the frozen temps and all of them.. It didn’t look like dollars were in a strong position to attract players after the ignition last season. By making these moves before Friday, Horst made them have a much better clout of luring the ring stalker.. He does, however, have to implement, especially after West Matthews and Robin Lopez lost after canceling the subscription.

Here’s the menu in Milwaukee and stay under the max: Vacation (have important unlikely bonuses) Middleton Bogdanovich at $ 14. 65M Giannis Lopez. JamesThanasis7 Players Minimum Contract

Like it or not, these two movements are the culmination of much mismanagement during Giannis’ time in Milwaukee. They squandered the first round picks (Thun Maker, Rashad Vaughn, Dr.. J. Wilson, Gabari Parker), signed players contracts that they had to accumulate assets to offload (John Henson, Matthew Delavedova, Miles Plumley), allowed assets like Malcolm Brogden to leave without maximizing it (I know the commercial exception is the little thing, but the little things are That wins tournaments) and their owners have repeatedly avoided the luxury tax despite their willingness to pay it.

But my comfort is raw, and I’m sure my comfort is too, so I’m giving you permission to stop squeezing past. John Hurst just built a roster built to win instantly. If Jrue and Giannis re-sign, Giannis, Jrue, Khris, Brook and Bogdan are here for at least the next three seasons.. This is your window. There is no future left to look at, because there are no assets for Milwaukee’s future at the moment. It’s all about Bucks, and every fan can be, because if they win everything, those five men will be the core of the Bucks tournament team.. And if they lose. If everything collapses. If Bud can’t figure everything out; If Jrue is injured or Giannis leaves. . .

We’ve been there before, we’re back to business as usual for us Bucks fans. The 8th Pill or Bust.

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World news – AU – All In 2020-2021 Milwaukee Bucks



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