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Another notable bug in Patch 10 pre-season 2021. 23 were discovered, this time in Ashe.

Archer Frost can direct a volleyball (W) twice in a row with a new level-up trick that does not appear to be intended. The bug was discovered by YouTuber Vandiril, who is known to spotlight in-game bugs.

The trick is to send Volley once, then quickly level up the ability and the game will instantly reset the cooldown.. By doing this, players with fast toes will be able to throw the ability twice directly after each other without having to wait for the usual cooldown period to expire..

Being able to use Volley twice in certain situations is not a game-changer like some other pre-season bugs, but it will likely be fixed as soon as possible.. The bug can be used four times in a single game, giving Ashe players an advantage if the level-up is timed correctly.

No other heroes have been reported to have the same bug, but it is possible that there are other heroes in the game where the cooldown can be reset.

With the major pre-season correction, a lot of bugs and loopholes appeared in the game.

On the part of Riot, players were expected to encounter a lot of inconsistencies, which is why advance preparation is needed. For this year, the bugs seemed a bit more extreme, with the element system completely reworked with lots of new interactions added to the game..

The pre-season balance hot fix is ​​coming tonight: We know there’s a lot to do in the next few corrections that we’re just starting to make the most of the balance and hero elements. Pic. Twitter. com / c7MPYQHQZn

Riot has already fixed some of the most important errors in the first pre-season balancing hotfix. This hotfix included a critical bug that allowed jungle personnel to shoot all neutral targets on the map like Baron and Dragons.. While the bug was quickly fixed, it ended up having consequences for Vici Gaming’s Lu « Leyan » Jue who abused his singles queue.

Riot will continue to monitor the game for new bugs and it’s likely to make a lot of hotfixes in the coming months..

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World News – AU – Ashe can cast W twice in a row up to a year 2021 pre-season correction error – LoL – News – WIN. Gg

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