World News – AU – ASX opens green as Sydney is fined $ 200


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ASX: The Australian stock market should expect an optimistic start to the fiscal year after Wall Street closed at record highs in 2020.

Wall Street: Despite the pandemic, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 ended the year at record highs, while the Nasdaq hit its highs early last week.

JobKeeper payment cuts kick in today. If you’re in Tier 1, you can expect a $ 200 wage cut. If you’re in Tier 2, you’ll see a $ 100 wage cut. We’ll have more about it for you later in the morning – but in case you missed it, here’s all the laws that changed on Jan.. January and refer to your wallet.

Speaking of $ 200, if you live in Greater Sydney but don’t wear a mask in malls, public transit, and various other locations, you will be fined that amount. More about it here.

If you are able to clean up your finances, contributing editor Samantha Menzies has a handy guide with very easy-to-follow tips that have been tried and tested. This is a great way to get your finances back in shape after the Christmas breakout.

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Are you investing your money this year? Johan Grahn of Allianz Investment Management in the US told Yahoo Finance US Live where to look for opportunities in 2021.

One investment that was blown up in 2020 is Bitcoin: The digital currency is constantly breaking new records. A few hours ago it was 34. $ 800 or 45. Exceeded AU $ 133. Here is more.

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In a stalemate between farmers from the northern breadbasket of India and the government that shook the country, the farmers have a 21st century ally. Century: a handful of supporters scattered around the world with a Twitter handle. Farmers have paralyzed traffic in and out of New Delhi, protesting recent agricultural laws that they fear may ultimately eliminate government-guaranteed minimum prices for their crops. But the protesters, many of them from the Sikh religious minority, say they are also fighting a social media campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

An operator in south west Sydney was fined 5. US $ 000 after ignoring COVID-19 regulations and admitting at least 600 people to a wedding reception.

(Bloomberg) – Chinese oil companies may be next up for delisting in the US. S.. . After the New York Stock Exchange announced last week it would remove the Asian nation’s three largest telecommunications companies. China’s largest offshore oil producer Cnooc Ltd. . Henik Fung, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, said it could be most at risk because it is on the Pentagon’s list of companies that it claims to be owned or controlled by the Chinese military. PetroChina Co. . and China Petroleum and Chemical Corp.. . , also known as Sinopec, could also be threatened as the energy sector is critical to China’s military, he said. “More Chinese companies could be delisted in the US. S.. . and the oil majors could be the next wave, ”said Steven Leung, executive director of UOB Kay Hian in Hong Kong. At the same time, the impact of removing telecommunications companies is likely to be minimal as they were barely traded in the US. S.. . and they didn’t raise a lot of money there, he said. A Sinopec spokesman declined to comment. Cnooc and PetroChina did not immediately respond to requests for comment sent via email. In Hong Kong, Cnooc even fell by 5. 7% on Monday, PetroChina even fell by 2. 5% and Sinopec was down as much as 1. 4%. The NYSE said it would delist telecom operators to comply with a U.. S.. . Implementing Order imposing restrictions on companies classified as affiliated with the Chinese military. China Mobile Ltd. . , China Telecom Corp Ltd. . and China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd. . would all be suspended from trading between Jan. 7 and Jan. . 11, and procedures to delist it have begun, the exchange said. All three companies turned down trading early Monday. In separate statements on Monday, each telecommunications company said it « regrets » the NYSE’s actions and that the decision could affect the prices and trading volume of the companies’ shares. All three companies said they had not received any notification of the delisting from the NYSE. Safeguarding interests China Unicom and China Mobile are currently examining ways to protect companies’ “legal rights”. « China Telecom said it was considering » appropriate options « in order to » safeguard the company’s legitimate interests. Read more: TikTok, Hong Kong and more U. . S.. . -China Flashpoints: QuickTakeChina’s Commerce Department responded on Saturday that the country would take the necessary measures to protect the rights of Chinese companies and hoped the two countries could work together to create a fair and predictable environment for businesses and investors. The China Securities Regulatory Commission said Sunday that given its low level of U. . S.. . With stocks traded, the impact on telecommunications companies would be limited and they would be well positioned to deal with any consequences of delisting. Read more: China Says NYSE Delisting Its Telecommunications Giant Has Limited Impact “The latest move by some US political forces. S.. . To suppress foreign companies that are listed on the U continuously and for no reason. S.. . Markets, also at the expense of undermining their own position in global capital markets, have shown that U. . S.. . Rules and institutions can become arbitrary, reckless and unpredictable, ”the CSRC said in a statement on its website. U. . S.. . President Donald Trump signed a resolution in November banning American investments in Chinese military-owned or controlled companies in order to pressure Beijing into what it considers to be abusive business practices. The order prohibited U. . S.. . Investors from buying and selling stakes in a list of Chinese companies that have been classified as military by the Pentagon. China’s Foreign Ministry later accused the U. . S.. . to « viciously slander » his military-civilian integration policy and vowed to protect the country’s companies. Chinese officials have also threatened to respond to previous actions by the Trump administration with their own blacklist of U.. S.. . Companies. (Updates in stock prices, attempts to reach out to the oil companies to get a comment on Jan.. To get paragraph. ) For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg L. . P. .

Investors were bullish on the first ASX meeting in 2021 as the spread of coronavirus vaccines continues in some of the world’s largest economies.

(Bloomberg) – The dollar slid and stocks fluctuated near a record high in Asia on Monday as concerns about the spread of the coronavirus reappear. Gold and Treasury yields rose. Japanese stocks underperformed as investors weighed the chances of a new state of emergency after Tokyo reported new virus cases daily during the New Year break. Shares rose in Australia and South Korea and fell in Hong Kong. The S&P 500 futures fluctuated after the benchmark hit on Dec.. had closed at an all-time high. 31. Bitcoin held onto much of its weekend profits after breaking 34 for the first time on Sunday. Exceeded $ 000. Gold rose above 1. $ 900 an ounce and hit its highest level in almost two months. China’s stocks have barely changed as Chinese oil companies may be next up for delisting in the US. S.. . After the New York Stock Exchange announced last week it would remove the Asian nation’s three largest telecommunications companies. Stocks start the new year with high valuations as widespread vaccine distribution in 2021, central bank support, and state aid are expected to revive economic growth and boost corporate profits. An MSCI index of world stocks hit a record high in 2020 after rising 14% last year. « Covid cases and vaccine distribution will remain the primary focus of investors for the time being, » said Kerry Craig, global market strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management. “Without the widespread use of vaccines, the pathways of Covid and the economy are closely linked given the impact on social mobility and economic constraint. That link will be broken if immunity rises by mid-year, but until then the economic path will be bumpy in the first quarter. Read: Dizzying Reviews, IPO Craze Tick Boxes on the Bubble Checklist. Elsewhere, the oil was above $ 48 a barrel. OPEC warned of risks to the oil market from the resurgent pandemic. The Saudi Arabia-Russia-led producer alliance will decide on Monday whether it can continue to restore crude oil supplies without capsizing the price recovery. On the coronavirus front, global infections according to U rose to over 85 million. S.. . Daily cases rose to a record close to 300 after the New Year break. 000. The U. K. . is ready to get the first recordings of AstraZeneca’s vaccine on Monday in a race against a faster-spreading variant that has led to new bans across much of the country. What to See This Week: The OPEC Alliance Energy Ministers will hold their monthly virtual meeting on Monday to decide if up to 500. 000 barrels per day are to be added to production. PMI for caixin manufacturing in China is expected on Monday. In the U. . S.. . The state of Georgia is holding a runoff election for two U’s on Tuesday. S.. . Senate seats that decide on the control of the chamber. U. . S.. . Congress meets to count the votes and declare the winner of the 2020 presidential election on Wednesday. FOMC minutes before Wednesday. U. . S.. . The December unemployment report is due on Friday. These are the main moves in the markets: The stock S&P 500 futures barely changed as of 10:50 AM. m. in Tokyo. The S&P 500 index was expanded by 0. 6% Thursday. Japan’s Topix index fell 0. 8th%. The Australian S&P / ASX 200 rose 1. 1%. The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong fell by 0. 3%. The South Korean Kospi Index rose 1. 1%. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0. 1%. Currencies The yen rose 0. 2% to 103. 06 per dollar. The offshore yuan rose 0. 2% to 6. 4930 per dollar. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index fell 0. 2%. The euro rose by 0. 3% on $ 1. 2255. The British pound rose 0. 1% to $ 1. 3687. The 10-year government bond yield rose three basis points to 0. 94%. Australia’s 10-year bond yield rose two basis points to 1. 03%. Raw MaterialsWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil rose 0. 4% up to $ 48. 71 a barrel. Gold gained 1% on 1. 917 USD to. 76 an ounce. For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg L. . P. .

The star lost everything when its car went up in flames while driving on a busy freeway.

Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), didn’t report any local coronavirus cases for the first time in nearly three weeks on Monday as Sydney battled multiple outbreaks and authorities urged tens of thousands of people to get tested. NSW’s daily test numbers are up from a high of about 70 in the past two days. 000 on Christmas Day in December to around 20. 000 dropped. 25th. The vast majority of tests take place in the state capital, Sydney.

Singapore’s economy suffered its worst annual decline in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic hit the city-state’s major commercial and tourism sectors, official data showed on Monday.

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(Bloomberg) – The digital currency Ether hit a record on Monday, the day after Bitcoin first hit 34. Exceeded $ 000 as cryptocurrencies continued to surge. After a 30% increase on Sunday, Ether hit a high of around 1. 010 USD, his first foray after Sept.. 000 USD. Bitcoin held on to most of its weekend gains, falling around 1. 5% from 10:40 a. m. on Monday in Tokyo at 33. $ 069. The largest cryptocurrency topped its 2017 record at the end of last year and only hit 20 for the first time in mid-December. $ 000. Proponents of Bitcoin argue that gold is used as a hedge against U. S.. . Dollar weakness and inflation risk, citing the growing interest of institutional investors. Skeptics view the more than 300% surge in digital assets over the past year as a risky bubble fueled by investors who follow the dynamics of cryptocurrency prices. « The drivers of the crypto rally are tending to intensify amid still low interest rates, political uncertainty, » and the prospect of further government incentives, said Julian Emanuel, chief strategist for stocks and derivatives at BTIG LLC, in an email. But he added that volatility can work both up and down. For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg L. . P. .

The historic home for sale has four bedrooms, a detached barn, and an unusual reminder of the home’s gritty history.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon previously said her cabinet would meet on Monday to discuss possible further steps to limit the spread of the virus and ordered the Scottish Parliament to be called back. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Sunday that tighter lockdown restrictions are likely on the way as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Johnson sets guidelines for England, with rules in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales being set by their local authorities.

Tweets from a conservative activist who bragged about crossing the NSW / Queensland border during a weekend run were rated « not really that funny ». .

Every living former Secretary of Defense, including two who served under President Donald Trump, signed an extraordinary reprimand of efforts to undermine the 2020 election results as the White House and many Congressional Republicans prepare to receive certification on Wednesday to challenge the electoral college election.

Former AFL player Max Duffy created a moment of magic in his last college football game that saw US fans go wild.

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