World News – AU – Australian politics live: Twitter flags tweet via ADF as Chinese state media ridicule the apology request


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Scott Morrison had asked China to apologize and request removal of tweets; Victoria is overhauling the hotel quarantine program under a single agency, banning private security. Follow the latest

The Australian government should bring the guilty to justice and give the Afghan people an official apology and solemn promise that they will never repeat such crimes. They said that the Chinese government should be ashamed. It is Australian soldiers who have committed such cruel crimes. Shouldn’t the Australian government be ashamed? Shouldn’t they be ashamed when their soldiers kill innocent Afghan civilians?

She defends Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian’s tweet that infuriated Scott Morrison today. Morrison said the Chinese Communist Party should be appalled by the fake tweet and Twitter should shut it down.

Some Australian soldiers have committed serious crimes in Afghanistan. This was reported by the Australian media and confirmed by a report from the Australian Ministry of Defense. The chief of defense, General Campbell, spoke on the report at a special meeting. The details are appalling and shocking, including men and boys all of whom were shot with slit throats and blindfolded.

There are stories of two 14 year old boys whose throats were cut and their bodies thrown into a recruit and recruits were ordered to kill prisoners in a practice known as bleeding. These horrific crimes have been condemned by the international community.

The Australian site is so responsive to my colleague’s Twitter. Does this mean that they consider the cold-blooded murder of innocent Afghan civilians to be justified, while the condemnation of such crimes by other people is not justified? Afghan life is important.

A Wollongong jury was sacked after failing to pass a verdict in the trial of NRL striker Jack de Belin and his friend Callan Sinclair.

Tasmania’s political donation laws are the weakest in the nation and the government lacks transparency, says a think tank.

The Australia Institute has called for a series of reforms to ensure better governance and restore confidence in the state’s politicians.

Tasmania has no country-specific political donation laws and there is no obligation to donate under 13. 500 USD to report.

A separate study by the University of Tasmania found since 2009 that less than 20% of the 25 million. USD donated to state political parties has been disclosed.

The Australia Institute report recommended donations of more than 1. $ 000 to be disclosed within one week outside of election periods and within one day during the election campaign.

The ASX200 had its best month in existence, up 9. 96% are optimistic about a coronavirus vaccine and the US election results.

The record that was set after the close of trading on Monday passed the 8th. 78% of April as investors began to adjust to the effects of coronavirus in Australia.

The Australian dollar bought 73. 88 US cents at 16. 21 AEDT, from 73. 75 US cents at the close of trading on Friday.

A light aircraft pilot in Tasmania got away practically unscathed after being forced to land in a small paddock after an engine failure.

The 68-year-old man, who has been flying for 10 years, undertook the emergency maneuver in Stanley in the northwest at around 9 a.m. on Monday.

« The pilot did his best to avoid cattle in some nearby paddocks. He’s done a remarkable job, « said acting inspector of the Tasmania Police Department, Stewart Williams.

The pilot was able to get off the plane and call the emergency services. He was taken to hospital for treatment for possible back injuries.

Only the front of the Jabiru aircraft was damaged on landing when it cut off stones.

Insp Williams said weather wasn’t a factor in the crash, but something had caused the plane to lose performance.

« (There is) certainly some skill to make the plane crash if you don’t have a motor to assist the plane, » he said.

The Royal Commission for the Disabled today published a special report on the government’s response to Covid-19.

There has been harsh criticism for the government not consulting people with disabilities at the start of the pandemic.

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Jacinda Ardern was asked why New Zealand, which has taken a stand against China’s wishes on issues like Hong Kong, did not have the same difficulties with its relations as Australia:

When asked why New Zealand is not treated similarly in China, Ms. Ardern suggested that consistency and predictability were key.

« We are signaling that we have these concerns and, in a very predictable way, we will be using different forums as to whether these are ministerial statements, whether they are bilateral, » she said.

« New Zealand is pretty predictable in these areas and that is the approach we are taking with any country where we have concerns. ”

This is the moment the Morrison administration gagged the Robodebt debate in Parliament today. Such a shame. It’s amazing how arrogant and dismissive they were at wasting $ 1. 2 billion on such a harmful system. image. Twitter. com / fw0TZE98x6

Breaking: Morrison Govt & A nation is voting on protection for koalas in the Senate. “With koala extinction, we need a moratorium on the elimination of koala habitats. It’s a shame Liberal / National and Pauline Hanson voted against saving our koalas 😡

Elaine Pearson, director of Human Rights Watch Australia, told Guardian Australia the tweet was « breathtaking, incredibly hypocritical ». .

Obviously, war crimes are a very serious matter, but the Australian government has taken steps to make this public and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has committed widespread, systematic human rights abuses, repeatedly alleged by UN experts, from the demolition of democracy in Hong Kong to the arbitrary detention of a million of its citizens in Xinjiang. What steps is the Chinese government taking?

Pearson said that if China is to « play the game of publicly raising human rights concerns, » it must accept that foreign governments « are right to express their own concerns about China ». .

So much for China’s position not to interfere in other countries’ affairs. China has proven that it is capable of declaring abuses in other countries and must therefore accept criticism of its deplorable human rights violations in China, ”she said.

The editor-in-chief of the Global Times – one of the most hawkish Chinese state media – has responded to Scott Morrison’s request to delete Foreign Secretary Zhao Liljian’s tweet.

It is a popular cartoon condemning the brutal murder of 39 Afghan civilians by the Australian special forces. Why is Morrison angry about the Chinese FM spokesman’s use of this cartoon? It is ridiculous and shameless that he asked China to apologize. image. Twitter. com / QkBSXyf1uY

AAP has a story about New Zealand media trying to break away from their racist reporting in the past.

New Zealand media company Stuff has made a groundbreaking apology to the country’s Māori for the history of racist reporting.

The organization that includes New Zealand’s largest news website and daily newspapers in Wellington and Christchurch hired 20 journalists to investigate their own journalism.

After a few months, Stuff discovered that its outlets were « racist, contributed to stigma, marginalization and stereotypes against Māori ». .

There is a banner headline on the front page of newspapers and on the website: « No matou te he » or « We’re sorry ». .

« Our monocultural lens means that we have not always portrayed Tangata Whenua (rural residents) fairly, » the editorial team said.

« It’s just a healthy thing for – be it the government or the Fourth Estate – to keep looking at our role and having some of the debates about social cohesion, » she said.

Stuff’s investigation began in June following a management buyout from previous Australian owners Nine, who inherited the Kiwi company when it merged with Fairfax Media in 2018.

Project Manager Carmen Parahi said the company « wanted and needed to be pushed harder to become better and more representative of all people in New Zealand ». .

“Our experience with the settler media is that it supports the interests of the settlers. And that would also be the case in Australia.

Editor-in-Chief Mark Stevens noted the historical nature of some of the reports, including references to an « inferior breed » in the 19th century. century.

“Our language has often divided New Zealand into two parts – Kiwis and Māori. Two separate groups, us and them, ”said Stevens.

« Join the debate on the Foreshore and Seabed Act . . . « The debate over the usual Māori rights on the coast and on the seabed is making New Zealanders nervous. « . ”

Managing Director Sinead Boucher said it was imperative that the company count on its history to be « a trusted partner to Tangata Whenua (people of the land) for generations to come ». .

Twitter didn’t remove the tweet as requested by Scott Morrison, but it censored it.

Shocked by the murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts, &call, for holding them accountable. image. Twitter. com / GYOaucoL5D

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Jury, Jack de Belin, St. . George Illawarra Dragons, National Rugby League

World news – AU – Australian politics live: Twitter flags tweet via ADF as Chinese state media ridicule the apology request



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