World News – AU – Body of missing man found in haunted devil’s pool


A bathing spot in Queensland, which according to Aboriginal legend is haunted by the ghost of a woman who lures young men into the water, has claimed another life

A notorious, haunted North Queensland swimming hole has been given new life after the body of a missing 37-year-old man was found on Wednesday, around 48 hours after he was last seen

Police have confirmed the body of Brisbane man Shanon Hoffman was found in Babinda Boulders in far north Queensland after the man entered the mysterious Devil’s Pool, which cost the life of 20 people

Victims who succumbed to the Devil’s Pool include a tourist from Adelaide in 2004 and a businessman from Sydney in 2006, and a 23-year-old who jumped into the water in 2008

A man who went missing in a notorious swimming hole on Monday and later died has been named Shanon Hoffman, 37, of Brisbane Image: FacebookSource: NCA NewsWire

About 20 people have died after being in the waters of Devil’s Pool, police say More conservative estimates are around a dozen, although another has the figure at 17

Acting Inspector Brett Jenkin was frustrated that visiting tourists had ignored the warnings and continued to enter Devil’s Pool

« It’s a restricted area, it’s well fenced and it’s restricted for a reason, to warn people not to enter this area and for a good reason, » Acting Inspector Jenkin told the journalists

Shanon Hoffman braces for a storm Her body was found mid-morning after she disappeared from a notorious swimming hole on Monday Image: FacebookSource: NCA NewsWire

M Hoffman was reported missing after entering the water with another man, 32, who later left Devil’s Pool unharmed

According to Aboriginal legend, Devil’s Pool is haunted by the ghost of a woman who lures young men into the water

The operators of Wooroonooran Safaris, who run tours in the area, describe it as « one of the most haunted places in Australia »

Local natives believe a young woman named Ooolana threw herself into the pool after elders learned of her affair with a young warrior and took him away

Wooroonooran Safaris website claims she is dragging young men to their deaths as part of her never-ending search for her lost love

The search for M Hoffman included divers joining Swiftwater Rescue teams and SES volunteers as a Rescue 510 helicopter flew through the area with drones

Babinda Boulders is a popular swimming spot south of Cairns and is known for its deceptively strong currents

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Babinda Boulders, Babinda, Cairns, Far North Queensland

World News – UA – Body of missing man found at Haunted Devil’s Pool


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