WORLD NEWS – AU – Brenko and Edrick Lee overcome tragedy for Maroons Origin’s debut


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Posted date: 04:52 GMT, November 18, 2020 | Updated: 05:29 GMT, November 18, 2020

Two stars in the National Football League, challenging the prospects of overcoming recent personal family tragedies and tribulations, hope to leave their mark on the biggest stage in the Rugby League.

Edrik Lee and his cousin Brinko Lee will make their debut for the Queensland Maroons against NSW Blues in the home country decision in front of 52,000 fans at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Wednesday night.. .

Newcastle Knights, 28-year-old Edrick will make his long-awaited debut for his parents after struggling to lose both in the past 12 months.

His younger cousin, Brinco, 25, who plays for Melbourne Storm has also dealt with his fair share of adversities that have seen him plummet to rock bottom and almost leave the rugby league this time last year..

My parents will watch from the sky from above. Maybe the hardest thing away from football was the old man lost last year and my mom this year. Losing them within a year was difficult. Com. au.

‘Obviously with the restrictions we imposed this year with COVID, I haven’t been able to see my mom all year long. To hear the news passed. . . I have to come and deal with it, I have relied heavily on Brenko and family members to try to get through that period.

I never thought this day would ever happen. . . I got injured throughout the year, too. I thought everything was collapsing and I didn’t know how to carry myself. I didn’t know how to deal with it.

‘I just wanted to get back on the field and make sure I played with a smile on my face this year. I managed to do this for the back half of the year and this is a great bonus for all the hardships I’ve been through. .

Brinko Lee (pictured in Melbourne Storm) will make his Origin debut alongside his cousin in Maroons on Wednesday night

This would be the second lucky break Brinko who was ready to make Origin debut in the series opener in Adelaide two weeks ago but was disqualified due to injury the day before..

His Premier League career nearly ended nearly a year ago when his contract with the Gold Coast Titans expired.

He only played six matches for Titans in 2019 as he struggled to come to terms with the death of his nanny Loyla after a tough battle with diabetes..

He lived with his nanny in Sydney in 2017 during his one-year stint with the Canterbury Bulldogs and described her as his best friend..

Cousins ​​Edric (second from left) and Brinco Lee (second from right) played for the Canberra Readers together in 2016. They are now playing Origin together for Maroons

“I handled it really hard when she died and every game I play now I just remember her saying that she wished I could have the best of myself, because she was able to figure out how much talent I had,” Brinko told nrl. Com. Recently.

“She didn’t think I was lazy but I didn’t care enough about things, and I came here [to Melbourne] wishing she was still alive to see what I achieve now.

Lee headed south to train with Melbourne Ripples Super 14 Rugby Club for two weeks, which made him close to tears.

Storm coach Craig Bellamy offered him a fresh start shortly thereafter, an opportunity Brinko seized with both hands and never looked back..

He was in great shape with Storm in 2020 and dedicated his performance in Storm’s final grand win against Penrith Panthers to his grandmother and aunt Connie, Edrick’s mother.

If you had told me I was going to be in a senior final, I would have asked what you smoke because I didn’t think it was possible. I was about to fully pull the pin.

It was a bittersweet year for Brenko Lee, who was welcomed by fellow Melbourne Storm teammate Josh Addo Carr after the NRL Final on October 25

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