World News – AU – Candice Warner sacked Roxy Jacenko for this SAS Australia punch, and more in Celeb in 5


In a twist, no one saw it coming, less than six hours after the start of the first day, the participants were paired up and asked to fight (yes, punch each other) until ‘to be told to stop

It was brutal I was watching from my couch at home and was afraid to disobey the management staff

So when Candice Warner got paired with her real PR manager and friend – Roxy Jacenko, she went and she didn’t stop until she was told to stop

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It was clearly a losing battle and Roxy turned her back on her, but Candice didn’t stop And so both a partnership and a friendship ended

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O earlier this morning, Roxy spoke about the experience in her usual honest nature

« You know what? Is she really my friend? No, » she said of the old iron woman

« You know why I never hit back? She’s my mate and I’m not going to hit her in the face for the entertainment of others »

To be frank, I shouldn’t even need to post this – but I have no choice To date, I haven’t shared these images because I don’t think there’s a need to share an accident where I was fortunate enough to heal when many reportedly suffered long term, irreparable damage These photos were taken exactly 6 weeks before I left to join @ sasaust7 – after reading the barrage of comments from people on my Instagram tonight I decided – damn it – I’ll post For the bullshit that left comments on the previous post I encourage you to read because it shows how alive these Keyboard Warriors are, let me explain to how weak and wrong I am I broke my hip and pelvis when I was riding for a job – the saddle slipped and I fell I got back on the horse so as not to disturb the rest of the riders and disturb their walk then went to the emergency o ù I spent the next two days Followed by 6 weeks on the back with daily injections of Clexane and appointments of physiotherapy, orthopedic, etc. So, so weak and pathetic shows up to @ sasaust7 because I had committed to it 6 months before and put in 6 days a week training no matter what my injuries were, while he either I think what it shows was, I had a commitment, I introduced myself and did my best – which given the circumstances was a hell of a lot considering my situation I myself remember telling my orthopedic surgeon – « I might have to fall off a chopper, can you suggest a way to do this with my fractures » his answer was just « no » – I did what I could but the reality is, my health is my number one priority with two kids and a staff of 22 counting on me – not a show for the entertainment of people and to give them something to troll / gossip afterwards Having had a cancer about three years ago, I know I didn’t need to risk myself do more harm Anyway I think it’s just shameful to have to post this & when I was going to include my hospital discharge documents, I stopped and thought – you know what – Kiss is more than enough! I don’t have to prove anything to anyone I don’t know!

« You didn’t keep punching when the person – me – turned his back on him and kept punching him on the back of the head. Now in boxing it’s totally forbidden but the reality is i can’t hit my then friend in the face for the entertainment of people, i won’t

« You look back and you go, ‘Damn, I should have taken one from her’ But you know what? I won’t because I’m taller than that and I respect the others ”, she added

Looks like Terri Irwin is going to spend a lot of money on her daughter’s first baby shower

According to Woman’s Day, the mother of two will spend up to 90,000 to make Bindi’s baby shower very memorable

Mom, thank you for always making me smile I love you with all my heart ❤️

« Terri has already started planning a big baby shower and spares no expense Sure they’ve been through rough times at the zoo, but Terri digs deep into her personal savings to give Bindi and Chandler the best celebration of all time, with live music, games and flower shows And she’s planning something big like a special surprise guest, « a source said

« Terri is sure Steve would like his little girl to have everything and more on such a special day, » they added

Bindi announced her pregnancy in August and she and her husband, Chandler Powell, are expecting her in early 2021

Earlier this month, Meghan Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara announced they were expecting their first child

Sharing the news on Instagram, Trainor wrote: « You all know how long I’ve wanted this !!! @darylsabara and I are so happy and excited to meet this little cutie early next year ! WE ARE PREGNANTTTTT! !! « 

And now the 26-year-old singer has blurted out the gender of the baby.When appearing on Extra, Trainor has explained how excited she is to welcome a child in the New Year.

During the interview, she accidentally called the baby « he » Then he said: « Well, uh, okay, it’s a boy »

Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara (yes, the guy from Spy Kids) have been married since 2017 It will be their first child together

You know when someone tells you about something that you’ve never noticed and then suddenly that’s all you can see. Well it’s one of those times

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian West uploaded a photo to Instagram wearing a low-cut black dress that revealed a bright red thong The photo was taken to support Matthew Williams’ debut collection for Givenchy

« WOW @matthewmwilliams Congratulations on your first collection @givenchyofficial! This is such a beautiful collection I can’t wait to wear all the looks you sent !!! » she wrote

But while most people have commented to support or praise the media personality’s look, West’s sister trolled her instead

Purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie and his fiancee Dana Stephenson opened up about what life is like with newborn twins The couple who welcomed twins, Lulu and Lottie, in September, shared how things have been going since

« Life with newborn twins is full, but we already can’t imagine life without them in our arms, » ​​Dana wrote in an Instagram update

« This is just one of many beautiful images captured by @bridgetwoodphotography when Lulu and Lottie were just a few weeks old and we have all grown up and learned so much together by this time It was so precious to be stop and breathe in these moments and now have such special photos before life with twins really takes off, ”she continued

« I also wanted to take a moment to thank the people who have kept us in their love and care, have supported us from near and far, our families and loved ones, and for every twin mom who has so generously shared advice and words of encouragement as we navigate this whole new world with our daughters I am grateful to all of you, ”she wrote

« It is certainly very full, busy, relentless and overwhelming at times and I have the utmost respect for all multiple parents! »

« So so grateful for the handsome man by my side every step of the way, @lachy_wiggle our kids are so lucky to have you as their daddy, » she added

On September 12, Lachy and Dana announced the arrival of their daughters on social media The couple never shared what they expected

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World News – UA – Candice Warner fired Roxy Jacenko because of this SAS Australia punch, and more in Celeb in 5


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