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Carnival Cruise Line announced this week that some Future Cruise Credits, which should expire in late December, will be extended by five months.

When the industry-wide shutdown began, no one knew exactly how long it would take. Some of the Future Cruise Credits originally offered to canceled cruisers were subject to the reservation that the replacement cruise be canceled by December 31. December 2020 had to be rebooked.

Of course, it got harder for people to do this as the shutdown dragged on. Even now, almost nine months later, it is uncertain when ships will be able to welcome guests on board again, let alone which ships are sailing and on which travel routes, which makes it difficult for guests to book excursions.

With that in mind, Carnival has changed the terms and conditions for the credits that are about to expire. With the new booking extension for Future Cruise Credit, guests can now up to 31. Book a cruise on May 30, 2021 at the latest. April 2023 has to sail.

Most of the canceled cruisers were also offered onboard credit that could be used for their future voyages. These were not affected by the extension of the Future Cruise Credits.

Passengers were also given the option of simply canceling their cruise in full and receiving a full refund.

Carnival Cruise Line has already started preparations for a restart, as Carnival Horizon will arrive in Port Miami early last week.

While full details of how the phased approach to resuming services will be implemented are not yet available, Carnival has announced that the Horizon and Carnival Breeze will be the first two ships to welcome guests back.

Both ships will sail with limited capacity, although it is not yet known how high that tier will be. It is also unknown where exactly or for how many nights the ships will sail.

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World News – AU – Carnival has some good news for canceled guests
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