World News – AU – Catalyst Cloud Launches First NZ Managed Database Service


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Catalyst Cloud has launched a managed database service, the first of its kind on New Zealand soil.

According to Igor Portugal, Chief Growth Officer of Catalyst Cloud, the fully managed API-driven database allows IT administrators to focus on their applications and save time on the day-to-day management of their databases.

« The managed database market, also known as Database as a Service (DBaaS), is one of the fastest growing cloud services in the world. Rapid deployment is a key driver, « says Portugal.

« When self-provisioning a relational database can take weeks, IT administrators can use the Catalyst Cloud Managed Database Service to choose a database version and compute instance size and get everything up and running in less than a minute.  » he says.

« The service is fully automated and ensures compatibility over the entire life cycle of applications. The user-friendly web dashboard and simple API calls make it easy to customize, back up and restore. Database replicas can be scaled to increase resilience and availability. And with Catalyst Cloud pricing, you only pay for what you use. « 

With MySQL 5, the managed database service supports a large number of open source database modules. 7 available at startup and PostgreSQL follows. Support for additional SQL and NoSQL-based database engines will be available in the future. The managed database service uses engines that are typically supported by a variety of software applications and that are not owned by the Catalyst Cloud.

« With Catalyst Cloud’s fully automated database infrastructure, developers can focus on delivering what is really important to their business, » says Portugal.

« Our Managed Database Service also gives Kiwi companies the ability to securely store all of their data in New Zealand, not just their backups. « .

Catalyst Cloud has three data center regions in New Zealand, so by using these geographically diverse regions, customers can minimize risk and increase business stability.

In keeping with its strong commitment to business ethics and social responsibility, Catalyst Cloud created all of the code they developed to create their open source managed database service that businesses here and around the world benefit from.

« We are very proud to be part of the global open source cloud computing movement, » said Portugal.

“We firmly believe that open standards and open competition are beneficial for everyone. Customers should stick with cloud computing providers because they are happy with their services, not because they are tied. ”

Developers and IT administrators can use the Managed Database Service in the technical preview. « We would love it if developers come and play a piece and give us their opinion, » says Portugal.

« With $ 300 in free cloud services when you sign up, you can create and customize a database and test how it all works for free in minutes. ”

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World News – AU – Catalyst Cloud launches first NZ Managed Database Service
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