World News – AU – Check out a new SpaceX Dragon dock for starships with the ISS loaded with experiments


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A Dragon 2 capsule is scheduled to connect to the International Space Station on Monday after being launched into orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket.

The crew of the International Space Station welcomes the latest version of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft into orbit on Monday. The Dragon 2 is making its first cargo flight into orbit after launching on a Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday morning.

The capsule filled with supplies rose on the way to the International Space Station as part of the 21st. Launches under a commercial resupply service contract between Elon Musk’s rocket company and NASA. His arrival will be broadcast on NASA television starting at 8:30 a.m.. m. PT, docking scheduled for 10:30 a.m.. m. PT. You can see below.

The new, updated Dragon can carry 50% more scientific payloads than the previous version, according to SpaceX. This version has previously sent astronauts to the ISS during the Demo 2 and Crew 1 missions for NASA, but this is the first Dragon 2 cargo mission.

In addition to supplying the astronauts and the station, CRS-21 is conducting several experiments on the ISS, including the first COVID-19 experiment on drug research in space. A series of biological studies will use technologies such as tissue-on-a-chip and brain organoids, which can be used to simulate human tissue and record how it reacts to weightlessness.

Another experiment on board is bioasteroid, the aim of which is to determine whether organisms such as fungi can be used to extract valuable substances such as rare earth metals from asteroids in order to break them down or even to obtain bases on other worlds.

« We’re going to investigate whether these microbes can get elements we’d really like to use in industry from the surface and inside of asteroids, » says Charles Cockell, lead researcher on bioasteroid, in the NASA video below.

A new airlock module from Nanoracks is also flying on the kite, which is similar to a Japanese airlock on the ISS, but is significantly larger. The new infrastructure could make it possible to launch cubesats or other payloads from the space station into space.

The Falcon 9 booster, with which the Dragon 2 was lifted from a launch pad in Florida at 8:17 a.m.. m. PT Sunday made its fourth flight and followed suit with its fourth landing on the drone ship. Of course I still love you in the Atlantic.

The kite capsule is expected to detach from the ISS in about a month and splash in the Atlantic, bringing a lot of new scientific data back to Earth.

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World News – AU – Check out a new SpaceX Dragon spaceship dock with the ISS loaded with experiments
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