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Christopher’ GeT_RiGhT ‘Alesund switches to Valorant and ends his historic career in competitive Counter-Strike, which spanned a decade of dominance in classic FPS.

In some cryptic videos for Journey’s « Don’t Stop Believin », the Swedish sensation hinted at a significant change in his career after being joined by Dignitas and longtime CS: GO teammate Richard ‘Xizt’ in mid-September Bench had been set. Landstrom.

While some believed it was the end of the line for GeT_RiGhT, 30, the seasoned talent held fans and devotees on Aug.. December with bated breath as he prepared for the next phase of his career.

Seven days later, GeT_RiGhT revealed, as promised, a follow-up clip with darkened memorabilia from its storied past. The next light post was Riot’s FPS, Valorant.

If that wasn’t enough tension for his fan base, his website, you’re doing it right. gg, has set an active timer that expires at 7 p.m. PST / 10 p.m. EST / 4 a.m. BST, which could explain more about his involvement in Valorant.

As it stands, the Swede still represents the Dignitas brand on his Twitch bio and Twitter banners, although he is not associated with either the CS: GO or Valorant departments.

After a brief roster shuffle in the fall before First Strike launched, Dignitas completed their five-man roster for Valorant, which included Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson, Harrison ‘Psalm’ Chang, Phat ‘in-game (IGL). Supamen ‘Le, Bryan’ MAKKA ‘Drouillard and Chad’ Oderus’ Miller.

If GeT_RiGhT stays with Dignitas, it is unclear whether he would replace someone on the starting line-up, secure the team as the sixth player or swap the mouse and keyboard for pen & paper as a coach.

But he might have a couple of options. Seasoned Counter-Strike players have proven to be invaluable members of Valorant ranks in the early stages of young esports.

People like Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin for 100 Thieves, Kirill ‘ANGE1’ Karasiow for FunPlus Phoenix and others have seamlessly integrated into the steadily growing competitive scene for Valorant in various regions.

GeT_RiGhT has a huge following who will be waiting to see what the pro comes up with next, as they can be back in competition soon.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, CoD veteran at OpTic Chicago, has shared his competitive AK-74u class setup as the powerful submachine gun continues to lead the Black Ops Cold War meta.

With Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty installment nearing a few months of age, the meta is cementing itself as CDL season two approaches.

As such, we see what guns we can expect from professionals, and contrary to the more predictable dominance of M4A1 and MP5 last year, there appears to be an early variety of guns. The MP5 and AK-74u dominate the SMG picks, while the XM4, Krig-6 and AK-47 are very popular with AR players.

As a historic SMG star, Scump primarily used the AK-74u in the early scrimmages of OpTic Chicago. During a recent stream, the King gave us a look at the attachments he uses for a competitive game.

Since Black Ops Cold War inherits Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith system, there is an incredible range of attachments to choose from. Thankfully, professionals like Scump give casual gamers an idea of ​​the best implements.

Spetsnaz Compensator improves vertical recoil control by 12% but loses control of horizontal recoil by 8%. However, the loss of horizontal recoil control by the muzzle is somewhat negated by the Spetsnaz Speedgrip, which also improves sprint speed and allows Scump to move around the map as quickly as possible. In pro games, reaching a certain head disorder or position of power in front of an enemy can easily make or break a hard point.

The 9. 3 « Extended Barrel offers a 40% improvement in bullet speed and improves upon the AK-74u’s already impressive bullet speed. Next, the GRU Elastic Wrap essentially combines the benefits of the Dropshot Tape and the Spetsnaz Field Grip, offering twitch resistance, a reduction in ADD time and the ability to drop shot. However, reducing the rate of fire movement and sprinting at firing time are the penalties to be paid.

Finally, the KGB skeleton stock increases sprint to fire time massively (30%) and targets the speed of walking movement (40%). . The only price to be paid is a decrease in Hipfire accuracy.

As you can see, the Scump AK-74u vastly improves many aspects of the weapon. One weakness is the 30-round ammunition capacity that was left alone in the appendices. However, given the weapon’s relatively quick reload time, the price is moderately low.

We can expect Scump to rock this AK-74u class in scrims for now and the CDL season when it kicks off in 2021. That is, aside from serious Treyarch nerfs.

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World News – AU – Counter-Strike legend GeT_RiGhT does that go to Valorant – Dexerto
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