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If Sydney teenager Steve Kyriacou wrote a script for 2020, it wouldn’t look like the golf fairy tale she’s been in since February.

Instead of playing No. 2 for St Michael’s in the Sydney Grand Flag semifinals against Concord on Sunday, Kyriacou was in Saudi Arabia on Thursday to finish her first season as a pro by setting a record 63 in the Royal Greens. .

She led the Emirates team to second place in the Saudi Women’s International Team Championship and finished second in the singles part of the tournament to win her best check as a golf player.

She ranked third in merit and won the Best Rookie award on this year’s European Tour the day before her 20th birthday the year she fulfilled her dreams..

“I’m really happy with what I got and have achieved a lot. « I’ve achieved more than I expected too, so I’m touched, » said Kyriaku..

It’s been a long way since the year Kiriaku began knocking out Australian amateurs in the semi-finals and being beaten in the NSW amateur quarter-finals at home at St Michaels.

The start of 2020 that he wanted wasn’t one of the country’s best golf talents.

However, Kiriako’s world changed in a week in February when she won the Australian women’s classic in Bonneville with eight shots.. That was an event on a European tour. The following week, she became a professional and revealed the European Tour with five places in the top five.

“It was definitely an entertaining game. It was a huge learning curve, too, Kyriaku said. “This is probably the worst that can happen with Covid.

“My flights have been canceled, we’re reordering and figuring out which countries to go to so it’s been a year of ups and downs.

Steve Kyriaku with her father and her boxed Nick Kyriaku at the Women’s Open at the Royal Troon. Credit: Getty Images

Kyriacou was a runner-up at the Swiss Open, she led the Open at the Royal Tron in August and appeared to finish her first year as a professional by setting a tournament record. .

Her recent tour of the Royal Greens included Nisreen: an outer hole for two of the aisle on the fourteenth floor and a chip in three in her last hole for the year, the ninth.

However, it wasn’t easy after she had to stay in Europe after the Open Championship after canceling two flights that she and her father Nick, who is the carrier, were due to take home.

I forced them to spend nearly two months in Cyprus before ending the year with the top 20 in the Dubai Moonlight Classic and fourth in the international Saudi Women’s Million Dollar Championship last weekend..

Kyriacou will miss the last event of the year to return to his home in Sydney this weekend and already set goals for 2021..

“It would be amazing to win. I hope everything is back to normal, but I will set some higher goals next year.  ».

Women’s European Tour, Emily Christine Pedersen, Saudi Arabia

World News – African Union – Training course record and Euro Junior Award Year of the Story for Kiriaku
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