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Good morning, early bird. A report on Australian war crimes in Afghanistan concluded « credible information substantiating 23 alleged unlawful killings of 39 people at the hands of 25 Australian Special Forces personnel » and elicited a number of key responses. It’s the news you should know with Chris Woods.

The head of the Australian Defense Force, Angus Campbell, announced yesterday that Major General Paul Breton’s final, severely revised report on Australian war crimes in Afghanistan found “reliable information to substantiate 23 alleged unlawful killings of 39 people by 25 Australian Special Forces personnel.” Most of them are from the Special Air Services Regiment..

As The Mandarin explains, the report also reveals separate allegations that ADF members « treated harshly » people who were under their control and were not designated as current combatants during periods of time outside of « the heat of battle. ».

Two of the horrific and systematic findings involved soldiers carrying « throwing operations » – foreign weapons or equipment such as pistols, radios, and grenades – « to be placed with the corpses of the » enemy killed in action « for photographic purposes to exploit the site, » and what Campbell calls A « horrific practice known as bloodletting » where soldiers were instructed to shoot a prisoner in order to achieve their first killing..

Breton investigated 57 allegations and made 143 recommendations in his report – including referring 36 incidents to the Australian Federal Police and compensating victims’ families – all of which were accepted.

For anyone asking for help, Lifeline is at 13 11 14, Open Arms Veterans &, Family Counseling at 1800 011 046, and the ADF 24/7 support line is at 1800 628 366..

The release of the Bretton Report on War Crimes saw a number of key responses, including but not limited to:

Victoria enforced a 48-hour hard border into South Australia starting at midnight last night, with ABC noting that all truck drivers entering from the state will be required to test.

The news comes after South Australia reported no new cases yesterday, but Prime Minister Stephen Marshall warned that « thousands » of people have visited a « site of concern ».

Meanwhile, 7News reports that COVID-19 fragments were found in wastewater in the regional towns of Penala and Portland in Victoria, even as Victoria recorded its 20th day of no cases and deaths.

Welcomed if there is a late acknowledgment of the dangers of using temporary workers in high-risk businesses, ABC reports that the Victoria’s new hotel quarantine program will employ staff directly and track contacts in advance.

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Finally, ABC reports that the New South Wales government made the surprise decision yesterday to repeal the Koala Protection Act that threatened to blow up the nation’s coalition.

The decision was made after liberal Representative Catherine Cusack passed the hall to vote with the Labor Party, the Green Party, the Animal Justice Party and the independent Justin Field, successfully submitting the bill to a parliamentary inquiry.

Apparently, instead of suffering from this shame, the Berjikli government has just dropped the bill completely. It is a win for national leader John Barrillaro, and a loss for the koalas who, with no new protection, are now still on their way to extinction in the state by 2050..

It would be a tragedy if the Australians saw the involvement of our nation in Afghanistan only in terms of these allegations.

While acknowledging that the allegations in the Bretton report are « simply appalling, » the Labor deputy leader spent nearly a third of his response to justify Australia’s invasion of Afghanistan.

« A homemade wooden ramp that runs alongside a barbed wire fence leads to the cravatine that Jai White connects to the house.. It is not the ideal living situation for anyone, let alone a person in a wheelchair.

“White paid one company nearly $ 5,000 in National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding to help him organize modifications to make it easier to get to his home.. But nothing was done.

“Rupert Murdoch continued his long and impudent record of suppressing shareholder participation and discussion at the Ordinary General Assembly this morning in News Corp when his company secretary abruptly ended the virtual meeting after only 26 minutes when there were still many unanswered questions written..

« You may not have heard of Nicholas Smith before. But yesterday, the hitherto unknown Melbourne blogger surprisingly and briefly became famous, pushed into the national spotlight via a successful article in The Australian about the record-breaking petition Rudd / Turnbull backed by a royal committee at Murdoch Media Authority.

Climate activists warn that Biden’s top advisor, who has been appointed to play a key role, has oil and gas ties.

Pompeo is visiting a settlement in the West Bank, and says products from there can be marked « Made in Israel »

The Washington Post: Trump spoke to a Republican official who now wants to « cancel » the vote to endorse the Detroit results

The « arrogance of rock stars » and warrior culture. What went wrong in Afghanistan? – Chris Masters and Nick Mackenzie (The Sydney Morning Herald): “Even to insiders, the numbers came as the biggest surprise: 23 incidents in which one or more non-combatants were unlawfully killed, and 39 Afghan victims for what were practically summary executions as discrimination against ill « Battle Heat » estimate. A total of 25 current or former defense personnel are the perpetrators, with 19 referred to the Australian Federal Police for potential prosecution..

War Crimes Report: Vital Light Should Not Cast Its Shadow (in dollars) – Amanda Hodge (Australian): “There are wars that end with a clear victory or defeat, and then there is Australia’s experience in Afghanistan, the so-called graveyard of empires, although in reality it is A nation of weary warriors stuck in an endless cycle of bitter conflict.

Pompeo’s trip to the West Bank would not be on the mind of any other US secretary of state. But not him – Oren Lieberman, Jennifer Hansler and Kylie Atwood (CNN): “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Psagot on Thursday is the first time that a senior American diplomat has visited a settlement in the West Bank, which is illegal under international law.. For any other secretary of state, the move was unprecedented, as it conflicts with decades of US foreign policy and ignores UN Security Council resolutions.. .

Scott Morrison will address the Australian Business Council today, and then, over the weekend, he will attend the virtual sessions of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting. .

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Chris is a journalist who specializes in politics, immigration and science, and currently writes for Crikey, The Mandarin and our morning newsletter The Crikey Worm..

All defense chiefs responsible for implementing any investigation recommendations were trained by SAS themselves.

Much more is at stake for former soldier Ben Roberts Smith, who finds himself at the center of a war crimes investigation as well as a defamation lawsuit..

Good morning, early bird. A senior officer in charge of the Australian Special Forces has reportedly admitted that some elite soldiers have committed war crimes in Afghanistan, and the federal government will likely need to pump another $ 70 to 90 billion over the next six months to survive the economic shock that followed the Coronavirus.. . It’s the news you should know with Chris Woods.

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World News – AU – Crikey Worm: Shocking findings in report War crimes
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Shocking findings in the War Crimes Report


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