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After nearly a year of the pandemic, the region’s social model has made it a « most promising » way to find a sustainable way out of the post-World Economic Forum crisis. According to HSBC, the superiority is due to generous social safety nets and a high level of digitization.

It is already clear that Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland suffered a smaller economic setback than the euro zone or the US during the Covid crisis. K. .

Though far from perfect – Sweden’s anti-lockdown strategy and high death rate were even considered by King Carl XVI. Gustaf criticizes that while Denmark’s fight against a coronavirus mutation culminated in a botched mink cull – the overall picture remains of economic strength. According to the WEF December report on global competitiveness, the Nordic region is now best placed to achieve a « productive, sustainable and inclusive economic system ». ”

In fact, the pandemic is showing the Nordic model positively after a period of controversy over its merits, including accusations made by U advisors in 2018. S.. . President Donald Trump that the region proves how « socialism lowers the standard of living » and belongs in the same basket as Venezuela.

The small and export-oriented Nordic countries have long combined high taxes that flow into public sector spending with economic efficiency and technological innovation.

“Deep public coffers, a tight social security network and an increased reliance on sectors that could work from home and sell online helped the Nordic countries during the Covid-19 crisis. “

Nordic taxes, among the highest in the world, are widely welcomed by voters, who see them as a necessary mechanism to maintain a stable society. This in turn creates a stable tax base, which means that the Nordic national debt is among the lowest in the European Union.

Due to the low debt, the region, which regularly tops the world rankings of the lucky ones, has entered the crisis with the natural advantage of already being rich and better able to spend.

This wealth supports important corners of the region’s economy. In Sweden, bankruptcies last year were at the level of 2019 despite the pandemic, a report showed on Monday. And an index measuring the health of the manufacturing sector in the largest Nordic economy ended the year on a high, a separate report showed on Monday.

The Nordic countries in general also have a high profile in terms of gender equality. The fact that Swedish schools and kindergartens remained open could explain why unemployment among women rose less than the EU average at the height of the pandemic than unemployment among men, said Johanna Jeansson of Bloomberg Economics. In Norway, the gender gap in labor force participation has even narrowed this year after the government increased paid time off for caring for young children.

Here’s a closer look at why the Nordic region is well positioned to come out of the crisis with fewer scars than anywhere else.

All Nordic countries offer universal social assistance, including health care and generous unemployment benefits. According to HSBC economist James Pomeroy, this means less worries about lost jobs and incomes than elsewhere and paves the way for a faster return to economic activity if restrictions are finally lifted.

« It’s a good example of how the pandemic showed how to put money in people’s pockets to keep things going best, » he said.

Danes and Swedes were at the forefront of the 27-member European Union when assessing their financial situation in July compared to the three previous months. According to a study by the Eurofound agency, the Finns ranked 7th in the block. place.

The region’s experience of banking crises in the 1990s, followed by the global financial turmoil of 2008, saved the Nordics from taking on public debt. This legacy of caution means that governments now have room to spend more to support the economy during the current emergency.

Norway, home to the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, is in a class of its own when it comes to tax exemption. Sweden and Denmark have a debt of around 40% of GDP, while the highest ratio in the region is in Finland at almost 70%. This is still less than half the number in Italy and compared to an EU average of almost 90%.

Sweden’s strong public finances allow it to implement expansive fiscal policies coupled with structural reforms, the Riksbank said in November, listing investments in human capital and infrastructure, as well as “comprehensive” tax reform among the options available.

In Denmark, Central Bank Governor Lars Rohde says: “Being in a position with low public debt and households and companies with decent finances means we can get through better. ”

When the pandemic forced the world into social distancing, remote working and digital schooling, few regions were as well prepared as the Nordic countries. Years of investing in computer technology, connectivity, and teaching digital skills are now paying off.

Finland and Sweden reported the smallest decrease in working time in the EU in the second quarter compared to the last three months of 2019 with less than 5%, according to Eurostat. Norway, which is not an EU member, was on a similar level. Denmark took sixth place in the block.

« The parts of the world that have suffered the most from the pandemic are the ones that can’t be digitized at the touch of a button, » said Pomeroy of HSBC. “If you have a very digitally savvy population, you are very well positioned in terms of productivity. ”

At least there was the stock market. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that founded the U.. S.. . The Dow and the rest of the major indices ended the year at or near record highs. As is often the case when there is a huge gap between stock market profits and economic pain, many investors wonder if we have seen a massive financial bubble.

Boeing is having issues with the 787 that the market may not be able to fully appreciate, said Douglas Harned von Bernstein at the downgrade of the stock.

NIO (NIO) starts 2021 with record deliveries of electric vehicles and the introduction of a used car service and trading platform.

Chip manufacturers are well positioned in the long term because, according to B, so many industry trends are in their favor. Riley analyst Craig Ellis.

Speculation about his disappearance has increased, which some publications linked to a speech in late October apparently calling for reform of the Chinese banking system.

We opened a new page in the calendar, Old Man 20 is out and there is a feeling that 21 is going to be a good year – and so far, so good. The markets closed 2020 with modest session profits to cap larger annual profits. The S&P 500 rose 16% during the coronavirus crisis year, while the NASDAQ, with its strong tech representation, posted an impressive annual gain of nearly 43%. The advent of two viable COVID vaccines is fueling a surge in general optimism. Wall Street’s top analysts have their eyes fixed on the stock markets and have found the gems that investors should seriously consider this new year. These are analysts with 5-star ratings from the TipRanks database who point to stocks with strong buy ratings. In short, this is where investors can expect stock growth over the next 12 months. According to analysts, we are talking about a return of at least 70% over the next 12 months. ElectraMeccanica Vehicles (SOLO) electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek alternatives to the traditional gasoline engine. While electric vehicles simply relocate the source of combustion from under the hood to the power station, they offer real advantages for the driver: They offer higher acceleration, more torque and are more energy efficient and convert up to 60% of their battery energy into forward motion. These advantages gradually outweigh the disadvantages of shorter range and expensive battery packs as EV technology improves. ElectraMeccanica, a small-cap manufacturer based in British Columbia, is the designer and marketer of the Solo, a single-seat three-wheel electric vehicle for the urban commuter market. Technically, the Solo is classified as an electric motorcycle – but it’s fully closed, has a door on either side, has a trunk, air conditioning, and Bluetooth connectivity, and it can travel up to 100 miles 80 on a single charge miles per hour. The charging time is short with less than 3 hours and the price for the vehicle is under 20. $ 000. Starting in the third quarter of 2020, the company made its first vehicle delivery in the US and expanded into six additional urban markets in the US, including San Diego, California, Scottsdale, and Glendale, Arizona. ElectraMeccanica also opened four new stores in the United States – two in Los Angeles, one in Scottsdale and one in Portland, OR. The company has also started developing and marketing a fleet version of the Solo to target the commercial fleet and rental car markets from the first half of this year. Craig Irwin, 5-star analyst at Roth Capital, is impressed with the potential applications of SOLO in the fleet market. He wrote about the opening: “We believe the pandemic is a tailwind for fast food chains looking for better delivery options. Chains try to avoid third party delivery costs and offset the operator’s impact on brand identity. company vehicles. The range of 100 miles, the low running costs and the standard telematics of the SOLO make the vehicle a good choice in our opinion, especially if location data can be integrated into a chain’s kitchen software. We wouldn’t be surprised if SOLO made some big chain announcements after clients validate plans. Irwin gives SOLO a buy rating backed by its $ 12. 25 Price target that implies an upside potential of 98% for the stock in 2021. (To see Irwin’s track record, click here. ) Speculative technology is popular on Wall Street, and ElectraMeccanica fits that bill well. The company has 3 recent reviews and they are all buys, which makes the analyst consensus a unanimous strong buy. The price of shares is $ 6. 19 and have an average goal of $ 9. 58, making the year-long upward trend 55%. (See SOLO stock analysis on TipRanks) Nautilus Group (NLS) The Washington state-based fitness equipment maker posted massive stock gains in 2020 as its stocks rose more than 900% over the year, including some of the most recent Collapses in stock value. Nautilus won when social lockdown guidelines went into effect and gyms closed to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. The company, which owns major home fitness brands like Bowflex, Schwinn, and the Nautilus of the same name, provided home fitness fans the equipment needed to stay in shape. The stock’s appreciation accelerated in the second half of 20, after the company’s revenues recovered from losses in the first quarter due to the “Corona Recession”. Revenue for the second quarter reached $ 114 million, up 22% from the previous quarter. In the third quarter, revenue hit $ 155, a sequential gain of 35% and a massive gain of 151% year over year. The result was just as strong with the third quarter of USD 1. 04 The earnings per share were well above the 30 cent loss of the same quarter of the previous year. 5-star analyst Mark Smith watches this stock for Lake Street Capital and is bullish on this stock. Smith is particularly aware of the recent price decline and notes that the stock has now peaked – making it attractive to investors. “Nautilus reported blowout results for the third quarter of 20 with strength across the portfolio. We believe the company has orders and backlog to generate high sales and profits over the next few quarters, and we believe the movement of consumers’ home behavior has fundamentally changed. We would view the recent withdrawal as a buying opportunity, ”said Smith. Smith’s target price of $ 40 supports his buy recommendation and indicates a robust upside of 120% for a year. (To see Smith’s track record, click here. Strong Buy’s unanimous consensus rating shows Wall Street agrees with Smith on Nautilus’ potential. The stock has 4 current ratings and all of them are for sale. The stock closed 2020 at a price of $ 18. 14 and the average goal of $ 30. 25 suggests the stock has room for upward growth of ~ 67% in 2021. (See NLS stock analysis on TipRanks) KAR Auction Services (KAR) Last but not least, KAR Auction Services, an auto auction company that operates online and physical marketplaces to connect buyers and sellers. Selling to both commercial buyers and individual consumers, KAR offers vehicles for a variety of uses: commercial fleets, personal travel, and even the second-part market. In 2019, the last year for which full year numbers are available, KAR sold 3. 7 million vehicles for $ 2. A total of 8 billion auction revenues. The ongoing corona crisis, with its social lockdown policies, has dampened car travel and reduced demand for used vehicles in all market segments. KAR stock was down 13% in a year of volatile trading in 2020. In its most recent report for the third quarter of 20, the company had sales of $ 593. 6 million, a decrease of over 15% from last year. However, the third quarter earnings declined less at 23 cents per share (11% year-on-year) and showed a strong sequential recovery after the EPS loss in the second quarter of 25 cents. As the new vaccines promise an end to the COVID pandemic later this year and the lifting of lockdown and local travel restrictions, the medium to long-term outlook for the used car market and for KAR auctions analyst Stephanie Benjamin is improving, according to Truist. The 5-star analyst noted, “Our estimates now assume that volume recovery will be in 2021 vs.. . 4Q20 according to our previous estimates… Overall, we believe that the results of the third quarter show that KAR is implementing the initiatives it controls well, in particular improving its cost structure and switching to a purely digital auction model. Looking ahead, she adds, “… Car loan and lease arrears and defaults have increased and we believe they will serve as a significant tailwind in 2021 with the resumption of repo operations. In addition, repo vehicles generally require additional services that should result in a higher RPU. This influx of supply should also help ease the used price environment and encourage dealers to fill their lots, which remain at a three-year low from an inventory standpoint. In line with these comments, Benjamin sets a price target of $ 32, implying a high upside of 71% for the stock for a year, and rates KAR as a buy. (To see Benjamin’s track record, click here. ) Wall Street is generally ready to speculate on the future of KAR. This is evident from recent reviews which split 5 to 1 buy to hold and the analyst’s consensus turns into a strong buy. KAR sells for $ 18. 61 and its $ 24. The average target price of 60 suggests there is room to grow 32% from that level. (See KAR stock analysis on TipRanks. ) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

Do you want to crystallize the best mutual funds in 2021? Start with the 2020 winners. This also includes the Fidelity Trend Fund by Shilpa Marda Mehra.

AT&T Inc. . (T) share fell 26% in 2020 and closed the year within 22 cents of its last price traded in December 2018. Of course, perennial latecomer AT&T is a special case, burdened with years of debt amassed from poorly executed purchases, including the disastrous DirecTV acquisition in 2015. The company also overpaid for Time Warner in 2016, but that bet could ultimately pay off as the new HBOMax streaming service grows at a healthy pace.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s absence from the public eye for the past two months, including the absence of the latest episode of a TV show he was supposed to appear on as a judge, has fueled social media speculation about his whereabouts his sprawling business empire. China’s best-known entrepreneur has not appeared in public since a forum in late October in Shanghai where he blew up China’s regulatory system in a speech that put him on a collision course with officials. This resulted in the suspension of an IPO for Alibaba’s Ant, valued at $ 37 billion Group Fintech Arm. The Financial Times reported Friday that Ma was replaced as judge on the final episode of a game show for entrepreneurs called Africa’s Business Heroes in November.

Is social security taxable? Can I avoid paying taxes on services? We answer that and offer three key strategies to reduce the total taxes you pay.

Several Western media outlets covered the disappearance of Jack Ma, China’s most prominent businessman and co-founder of e-commerce and entertainment giant Alibaba. Some reports claim Ma has not been seen publicly in two months. Although he is no longer an executive at Alibaba, Ma remains the majority shareholder in Ant Group, a […]

The S&P 500 and Dow fell from record highs on Monday’s first day of trading as nerves over the Georgian runoff result this week weighed on optimism about a vaccine-driven global economic recovery. The Dow was also dragged down nearly 3% by a nearly 3% decline in Boeing Co shares after Bernstein downgraded his rating to « underperform ». Problems with the MAX 787 could cause significant damage to the U.. S.. . Aircraft manufacturer’s free cash flow.

When looking for the best artificial intelligence stocks to buy, identify companies like Microsoft, Netflix, and Nvidia that are using AI technology to improve products or gain a strategic advantage.

Shares were mostly higher on Monday morning in the first session of 2021, hitting new record highs.

Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross go live at 10:30 am. M.. . ET to discuss the markets, vaccine adoption, and Bitcoin among other market-moving topics.

Value stocks may be cheap, but finding the right ones for 2021 isn’t easy. Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Coke, and Disney are among those that could outperform.

According to a recent study, the average household saving for Gen X is 64. $ 000, and 81% of that cohort are concerned about funding their golden years. Millennials, increasingly immersed in pension funds to cope with the pandemic, have an average nest egg of just 23. $ 000. Comments like this maybe: “When people ask me what my retirement plan is, I always say, ‘I die, I think’ because this is my actual retirement plan. ”

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World News – AU – Crisis Showcases Corner of Europe Mocked by Trump Advisers
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