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World news – AU – Dad Kiwi Craig McLujash was killed in a motorcycle accident in Brazil – New Zealand

. . The stepfather says the father of two has planned to move closer to the house next year.

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Kiwi Craig McLujash, second on the right, lived in Brazil with his wife Simon McLujash, son of Braden McLujash, 11, and daughter Ezley-Karen McLujash, 14. Photo / Introduction

A Kiwi who was killed while riding his motorcycle with his friends in Brazil is remembered as a loving father and husband who made friends all over the world.

Former Auckland business owner Craig McLujash died on November 7 after colliding with a water truck near his home in Fotoboranga, 500 kilometers from Sao Paulo.. .

McLugash’s mother and husband, Joelin and Ian Treetown, spoke to the Herald from their home in Auckland today..

Jocelyn Tretuhen said her son, a successful businessman who retired early, had always been a hard-working person who had befriended many.

“He had a lot of friends . . . [And he was] a good father. Children were taken in a lot of places.

MacLugash, who was educated at Māngere College, loved rugby league, starting in his youth as a midfielder for Manukau Magpies and later played in England’s rugby league, and also had a deep attachment to his father’s native country in Scotland, Ian Trethowen said.

“There was very little he didn’t know about the league. And he was very proud of his Scottish heritage. When he went there he picked up some Gaelic, and he was very involved with the Highland Games here.

MacLugash worked as a luggage professional for Air New Zealand before he trained for an electrical apprenticeship, and in his 30s, he had started with a co-owner, the construction and maintenance company Total Property Worx.

MacLugash sold half of his business three years ago and pursued his dream of moving his family to Simon’s home in Brazil..

The family does not know the cause of the accident as McLugash was traveling ahead of the others in his social group for motorbikes when he collided with the water truck. He was dead by the time his friends arrived.

“There were no witnesses and we don’t think there will be a police report, which is very difficult for us.

Ian Trituhen said McLugash’s body has been cremated and Simon will likely return his remains to New Zealand next year.

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World News – African Union – Dad Kiwi Craig McLugash killed in a motorcycle accident in Brazil – NZ Herald
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