World news – AU – Digital Freight Platform Loadsmart raises $ 90 million in C-Series financing round led by BlackRock managed funds


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New York, November. 20, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Loadsmart, the leader in digital charging technology, today announced the successful completion of its C Series fundraising. BlackRock, Inc led the tour for $ 90 million. The funds managed and included prominent strategic investors from the transportation space such as TFI International Inc.. (NYSE and TSX: TFII), North America’s leader in the transportation and logistics industry, and Maersk Corporation, the world’s leading shipping carrier and Loadsmart investor since Series A. The deal was co-led by Chromo Invest, with participation from Perry Capital, founded by Richard C.. . Berry. And Bramalea Partners, recently founded by Andrew Boyd, former head of global capital markets at Fidelity Investments.. Goldman Sachs &. The LLC acts as the exclusive underwriting agent for Loadsmart. Paul Hastings worked as a legal counsel.

The funding round reinforces Loadsmart’s position as a leader in digital shipping. Loadsmart’s financially conservative strategy is unique among digital competitors and has allowed for capital-efficient, sustainable growth.. Instead of growing by supporting the shipping expenses of its customers, the company focuses on organic growth driven by operational excellence along with API integration, technology development to provide real value added services to its customers.. Loadsmart revenue has grown by 250% since January 2020 while improving service quality, increasing gross margins and keeping operating expenses at 2019 levels..

“As the secular shift from analog to digital continues to accelerate throughout the logistics industry, with volatility becoming the norm, we are proud to help our customers leverage Loadsmart technology to secure exceptional capacity and service,” noted Ricardo Salgado, co-founder. And CEO of Loadsmart.

With the highest percentage of employees in software development and data science roles in the digital shipping industry, Loadsmart was the first to market the following: instant truckload pricing and bookings in 2015; Server-to-server autonomous truckload reservation via API and TMS integration in 2016; Drying up and transforming digital services in 2019. This first technology approach allowed the company to establish a fully automated and scalable distribution model. As a result, 85% of Loadsmart’s revenue (priced and booked) is now generated with full automation.

In the wake of Loadsmart’s recent announcement of its multi-mode expansion, support for less than truckload, partial and railway loads, Co-Founder and President Felipe Capella affirmed, “We are a one-stop shop for digital logistics implementation. BlackRock support will be essential to unify our vision in providing comprehensive digital multimedia logistics services. We want to provide shippers and carriers with simple, immediate and integrated logistics solutions.

A strategic investment from TFI International allows for collaboration and sharing of ideas with a leading North American transportation and logistics company that has a wide range of operations..

While discussing an investment in Loadsmart, Alan Bedard, Chairman, President and CEO of TFI International, said: “As a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, we are constantly looking for a window into the latest cutting-edge technologies to integrate into our broad business network. Connection. Our investment in Loadsmart provides invaluable insight into « what’s next » as we pursue our lightweight, technology-backed business plan..

Maersk has also doubled its support, with Sune Stilling, Chairman of Maersk Growth, citing influencing factors, “The remarkable growth that Loadsmart has achieved since our A-class investment, complemented by the value we have jointly created for Maersk clients through our partnership in the North American multimedia market And truckload markets.

Loadsmart’s investor group now includes the largest ocean haulage company in the world, and the largest port terminal operator in the United States. s. And one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in North America. The revenue from the C-Series Tour will allow Loadsmart to better serve shippers by multiplying tools to deliver excellent operating performance, as well as expanding value-added services such as improved positioning, price transparency and data insights into supply chain improvement opportunities.

About Loadsmart to transform the future of shipping, Loadsmart leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and strategic partnerships to automate how freight is priced, booked, and shipped.. By combining advanced technologies with deep industry experience, Loadsmart fosters growth, simplifies operational complexity, and boosts efficiency for carriers and shippers alike.. For more information, please visit: https: // loadsmart. Com.

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World News – AU – Digital Freight Platform Loadsmart wins $ 90 million in C Series Funding Round led by BlackRock managed funds


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