World News – AU – End of an Era: Final Channel Nine Days at Willoughby in Pictures


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The first TV broadcast to be broadcast in Australia came from Inside Walls in Willoughby. November 20, 2020 marks the last day of broadcast before moving to the more modern headquarters in North Sydney – that’s an impressive 23,440 days since Australian TV first broadcast from the old place. Sydney Sports Editor Cameron Williams takes you on a very private behind-the-scenes tour.

Thursday 19 November 2020. Latest newsletter at 6 p.m. for Amber, Pete, and Me in Willoughby. These studios have been operating for 23,440 days since Australian television started here on September 16, 1956. Here are some great characters and locations from the famous Old Building.

This photo series showcases the birthplace of Australian television and the people who work there. This was captured in the studio where the first Australian TV was made.

There’s a lot coming to you as you host a live broadcast. Nobody does it better than Peter Overton.

A Dalton can do anything. From the brutal news to the flower show to the production of Rugby League coverage, he brings a sense of stage and effect into it all. Pictured here is the TCN News Exchange live intersection.

You could say the weather is the most scrutinized part of the post. Will it rain? Will it be hot or cold? Amber Sherlock delivers this information with power, accuracy and elegance. Seen here in front of the big screen that was dismantled in Willoughby and reassembled in North Sydney.

This face shows the suffering of knowing a lot. Danny is the news source in the Rugby League. It appears here on his desk in the sports section of Willoughby’s newsroom. With legend, Kenny Sutcliffe was watching him.

Vichy is our lighting guru. He is responsible for lighting newsgroups, sports shows, and anything else that happens in our studios. We see it here in the dark of Studio 22. He set up the four pillars of light. Press on.

These are the two forearms that welcome you at TCN’s Artarmon Road Gate. He is seen here in office, dreaming of his upcoming trip.

If you pass the audit, you will raise your big thumb. God has blessed us with a wonderful group of men and women taking care of nine people and properties.

Lara has worked with Nine for nearly 16 years taking roles from EA to Receptionist. She knows everyone and hears everything. Seen here at the front reception.

No media professional has had a more diverse and interesting career than Weiss. It’s a great source of stories and inspiration. So brave, he can talk about any situation and then hold back again. Shown here is mirrored, as always.

My last day in Willoughby. We took a picture from the sports section in my office. Left to right: Jake Duke, Danica Mason, Chris Hodgkinson, Rob Canning, Danny Wedler, Me, and Luke Duffisi. Notable absentees: Irene Mullan, Jelissa Aps, Sam Dugodan and Haley Willis.

It’s a strange thing wandering around. This is the CEO’s abandoned office. In my time, David Gingle, Eddie Maguire, Jing again, and Hugh Marx drove the ship from here.

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World News – Australia – End of an Era: The Final Days of Channel 9 at Willoughby in Pictures


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