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Federal Judge Timothy Batten issued an emergency judgment on Sunday informing defendants involved in an electoral process in Georgia that the voting machines and servers must remain intact, not manipulated according to the court order, but rather his decision several hours later reversed.

Batten’s earlier ruling that the defendants maintain the & status quo temporarily instructs not to wipe down or reset any voting machines in the state of Georgia until another court order is made. “Georgian lawyer Lin Wood welcomed this. Former federal attorney Sidney Powell and others fighting what they say is a widespread election fraud in the 2020 election.

However, within a few hours, Batten reversed the order in which the state was instructed to stop and refrain from deleting or resetting voting machines. He justifies: The defendants do not have the machines.

Batten’s order said the plaintiffs’ application failed « because the elective equipment they are trying to confiscate is in the possession of county election officials. Any injunctions the court makes would apply only to defendants and those under their control, and plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate that the county electoral officials are under the control of the defendants. Defendants cannot serve as proxies for local election officials against whom relief should be sought. ”

The new order came along with an affidavit from a GOP survey worker, in which it says: “Because it is planned on Monday to wipe the voting machines clean and start at 0 so that we can count with these machines, I am worried about what i read online. I see a lot of indications from lawyers that the machines may be confiscated. Lawyers are now saying the machines should be impounded immediately before doing so to protect forensic data. They say these machines need to be confiscated as soon as possible. Yikes. Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but let’s be sure we should do that. ”

Wood, one of the many lawyers fighting alleged election fraud, condemned Batten’s reverse letter on Twitter: « What ??? The judge overturned the order based on defendants’ allegations that GA Counties control the voting machines.

“What ??? The judge reversed the order based on the defendants’ allegation that the GA Counties control voting machines, ”Wood wrote on Twitter, adding that the machines are owned by the state and that the Georgian Foreign Minister administers elections.

What ??? The judge overturned the order based on defendants’ allegation that GA counties control the voting machines. Machines are owned by the state & @GaSecofState manages state election laws. Why are GA officials determined to wipe these machines clean in order to reset them? https: // t. co / Oq0edTGfsl

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World News – AU – Federal Judge Reverses Original Order, Preventing Georgia from Resetting and Wiping Voting Machines – Sara A. . Carter
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