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. World News – AU – Georgia Senate: « I’ve never seen this energy. « 

. . All eyes are on Georgia’s Senate runoff election, a key race that could help define Biden’s presidency.

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The US faces another big choice – one that could define how much new President Joe Biden can achieve in his first term.

It’s been a miserable start to the new year, but this city near Georgia’s capital, Atlanta, is feeling anything but sleepy or hungover.

« I’ve never seen the energy we get here in Georgia, » says Gardner, who was born and raised in local DeKalb County.

He is joined by Democratic supporters singing and dancing in front of a home campaign center.

It’s about raising support for the two men who are probably President-elect Joe Biden’s most important friends right now: Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

This traditionally republican state was won by Mr Biden in the November election – but there were no clear winners for the state’s two Senate seats. Now there is a runoff vote between the top candidates in every race.

If the two Democrats, Mr. Ossoff and Rev. Warnock, beating incumbent Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, effectively controls Mr Biden’s party in the Senate.

There is a great cheer when Mr. Ossoff’s big blue bus drives down the street and pulls up opposite the house.

He’s only 33 years old and in case his youth wasn’t clear enough, he makes a point of jogging on the small stage.

During a polished speech he exclaims, « The place we’d better ask is at the ballot box. « 

If Mr Ossoff wins, he will be the youngest member of the Senate – a title Joe Biden once held himself.

No pressure, but I told him that the fate of Mr Biden’s presidency is in his hands.

He could become Georgia’s first black senator in a state that has more black people than any other US state.

The Republican Senate candidates here – Mr. Perdue and Mrs. Loeffler – are his last foot soldiers.

Both appeared at his rally last night, during which he focused on reiterating his unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud.

« There is no way we lost Georgia, it was a rigged choice, » were the first words out of his mouth.

« We run all over the world telling people how to conduct their elections and we don’t even know how to conduct ours. « 

Mr Trump has also followed up on the Republican governor of Georgia and here in an amazing phone call asked another official to find votes to undo Mr Biden’s victory.

I asked supporters at Trump’s rally why they would be participating in an election process if they didn’t believe it was fair. Some hesitated and suggested it was their civic duty.

When I ask two supporters of Ossoff and Warnock about the allegations of electoral fraud, both women throw their heads back, laugh in perfect unison and shake their heads in confusion: « Yes, that’s good. « 

Since the presidential election on Jan.. November are more than 23. 000 people in the state have turned 18 and can now take part in this race in the Senate.

Valerie Ponomarev has just turned 18 and is very happy about the vote. She was upset that she couldn’t cast a ballot in the recent presidential election.

« I did the math in my head and it was short by a month when I was born in December, » she says.

She said at first that she didn’t even realize that the Georgian Senate runoff was so important.

She is voting for the Democrats, says Ms. Ponomarev, adding that many younger people have supported Mr Ossoff.

« I think the youth finally want representation in government because we are so often under-represented and now that we have Jon Ossoff who is closer to our age, » she says.

Michael Guisto found himself in the same situation as Ms. Ponomarev – too young to cast a vote in November – and said it was painful to miss that vote.

The polls suggest it is a very close race. But this state knows that whatever it decides will have an impact on the whole country.

« I can influence the country in some ways, but this time it’s a little closer to home. « 

Four children and one adult were hit in a terrible accident in NSW when the driver allegedly left the scene.

A harrowing image captured a tourist’s final moments before falling off a cliff and disappearing into the rapids below.

It may not be a cyclone anymore, but the weather system in north and north Queensland is continuing.

WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan took aim at Acting NSW Prime Minister John Barilaro during the heated press conference on Tuesday.

The customer was criticized for leaving his waiter a small tip and some advice that he did not ask for.

He also refuses to pay his $ 19 fine. $ 000 and to pay the hotel quarantine fee as he believes he was improperly placed at the facility.

On the eve of the Senate elections, the president cast another bizarre slogan that will shape US politics for the next two years.

An influencer who shared her 2020 trips with TikTok has been sentenced as « deaf ». .

Research is being conducted to see if an inflatable Christmas tree costume in a hospital has triggered a coronavirus outbreak.

The locations of exposure associated with the coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne continue to increase. Almost 100 locations are now listed.

More than 50 million people will return to the strictest lockdown in the country to contain the spread of a more contagious Covid-19 strain.

Due to La Nina and prolonged rain, the country repeated an event that had only happened once before in 1959.

A medical examiner has ruled on the death of Nora Anne Quoirin, 15, after she was found dead in a jungle in Malaysia in 2019.

A number of supermarkets have been added to lists warning people to stop the spread of the coronavirus in both Victoria and NSW.

The flooded road shows that the flood caught parts of Queensland within 24 hours of a 262mm city as authorities warn residents.

The charging pad is prone to overheating and, according to the Consumer Watchdog, can lead to injuries.

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World News – AU – Georgia Senate: ‘I’ve never seen this energy before. ‘
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