World News – AU – Hugh Grant reveals why he stopped playing after music and lyrics


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‘ The days as a very well paid leading actor were suddenly over overnight, ‘says the actor in an interview with the Los Angeles Times

Hugh Grant, who is currently making a major career comeback with the success of HBO’s The Undoing, spoke about why he stopped playing for some time.

The British actor best known for starring charmingly faulty leads in romantic comedies like Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and Notting Hill (1999) left acting after his 2007 film with Drew Barrymore, Music and Lyrics unofficial and briefly returned in 2009 for the popular book. Have you heard of the Morgans?

« I developed a bad attitude around 2005, shortly after music and lyrics, » he told the Los Angeles Times. “I’ve had just enough. Then in 2009 I went back and made another movie. At that point, I didn’t give up on Hollywood. Hollywood gave up on me because I made such a massive turkey with this film with Sarah Jessica Parker [Have you heard of the Morgans?]. Whether I wanted to or not, the days as a very well-paid leading actor were suddenly over overnight. It was a little embarrassing, but it left life free for other things. ”

Grant eventually returned, starring in Florence Foster Jenkins in 2016, Paddington 2 in 2017, in the TV miniseries A Very English Scandal in 2018, and in his current role alongside Nicole Kidman as Jonathan Fraser in The Undoing.

In The Undoing, Grant plays a double oncologist for children who, although outwardly very amiable, may or may not be a killer.

« While they were all charming men, as might be expected, it wasn’t particularly helpful until my brother and wife, who live in New York, recommended a doctor from an entirely different area who was loved by the Upper East Side ladies. He was extremely charming, but I could see how one might think, “You might be a little too good to be true, my friend, with your wonderful bedside manner and your perfect suits. ‘ »

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World News – AU – Hugh Grant reveals why he stopped after music and lyrics to play
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