World News – AU – Hunt’s brutal warning for ‘crazy animal’ Gal


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UFC legend Mark Hunt has warned that he still has the power to kick Paul Gallen straight out of the ring if they compete in boxing gloves.

Hunt and Gallen will be on 16. Fight December at Bankwest Stadium. Although the MMA star may be 46 years old three years after his last fight, he believes he can still end the NRL legend with one shot.

« I expect Gal to come out like some crazy wild beast and I’m supposed to knock him out of the ring, » Hunt told Sky Sports Radio.

Hunt had not had a professional boxing match since 2000, a draw with Joe Askew, and two years earlier he had lost points against John Wyborn. His MMA career, in which he became the UFC’s KO king, ended in three losses for a record of 13-14-1, 1 NC, 10 KOs.

Gallen, 39, made the bold prediction that he could finish Hunt on round three or four, overwhelming him with greater speed and fitness.

Hunt insisted that his conditioning had been solid after waiting all year to set a date for the COVID-19 fight. He has set up his warehouse in Newcastle and said he is ready to do six laps with Gallen if necessary.

Hunt said that Gallen (9-0-1, 5 KOs) was known to be tough in the rugby league field, but has not yet been tested in the ring.

« I can go all day, I’ll eat this. I love this s – t, this is a fighter’s life.

« I know Gal is a tough person, just like me. He’s very fit, he’s very strong, he’s making a lot of progress.

« I haven’t seen him hurt in a boxing game. As an ex-footy player, he has been injured many times and that is something that a footy player and fighter have to go through while playing on the high end.

« I’ve done this many times and he did this so many times on the soccer field. I don’t know about the box side. « 

Hunt said he plans to make the Galls an enjoyable exclamation point of his career, which was marred by his sharp breakup with the UFC. ‘The Super Samoan’ became disaffected with MMA late in his career and was furious that he was facing opponents who were juiced up for banned performance-enhancing drugs.

« They (the UFC) took away my love for what I do for a living, they took away my love for fighting, » said Hunt.

« It was just a normal job with these guys at the end of the day because I always argued about everything. « 

Hunt is a revered figure in MMA, to the point that Gallen initially struggled to find sparring partners for her fight.

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World news – AU – Hunt’s brutal warning for ‘crazy animal’ Gal