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I don’t know about you, but I give 2020 cold shoulder It hit me with bushfires, pandemic, separation anxiety, unemployment, extra pounds that don’t ‘weren’t here a few months ago, and an overwhelming feeling of having absolutely nothing to look forward to

Plans made with friends and family were disappointed Movie releases were kept Holidays were postponed indefinitely and even, for a while, a trip to the pub was irrelevant

But as my social life finally recedes, I’m looking for those big Broadway-sized milestones to look forward to And that’s where I saw this:

Watch the Frozen the Musical trailer here for a closer look at the hype Post continues after video

And yes, the franchise has undoubtedly been a hit with kids – but anyone who has seen the movie, listened to the banger tunes, and had a small but hard-hitting reverie of being a queen who builds an ice castle. in a period of time that would give Grand Designs a major boost, then listen to me

A teaspoonful of escape is exactly what the doctor ordered as a cure for that year-long absolute shock And the perfect place to escape reality is in a theater

You are seated in your chair facing a magnificent staging, and once the music begins you are instantly whisked away to a magical alternate universe (read: Arendelle) and completely forget where you are

There’s only a brief moment in the intermission where you remember you’re in Australia, and for that time of escape you can grab an iced cocktail to keep you cool. ‘summer, remember

Then you’re back in act two, witnessing the icy delight of Frozen the Musical And when I say icy pleasure, I don’t mean just snow I mean ICE

Yes, Elsa’s dress contains over 18,000 hand-sewn Swarovski crystals, and her palate, even cold, has 53,000 casual SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS decorating the walls, towers and doors

I know the housing market is collapsing right now, but good lord this is happening right on my home improvement moodboard

Beyond Elsa’s outfit, Arendelle might also have her own fashion week.Each of the 363 costumes seen on stage (as well as every hat, wig and pair of shoes) was handmade in a costume workshop in Sydney

Yes, we’re also imagining RuPaul’s Drag Race’s working room, but for a cheeky peek into the actual Frozen the Musical workshop, take a look behind the scenes

Come take a look at our workshop in Sydney where all of the gorgeous costumes including Elsa’s ice dress are handcrafted ❄️ #FrozenAus

Additionally, Anna’s coronation gown, which has epic custom ribbon embroidery, took over 80 hours to make – no doubt dividing the nation over whether it is a «  Elsa  » or an «  Anna  », based solely on their collection of accessories

and for someone who’s been wearing the same sweatpants for five months now, this is exactly the level of plush that I need to see

Beyond the wardrobe, I’m also very excited to hear the 12 new songs in the mix (besides movie classics) to add to my shower singing repertoire I know these songs made of the show a hit on Broadway in the US, but my sleepy Sydney suburb is about to be WOWED in a whole different way by my renditions

With musical theater stars Jemma Rix (playing Elsa) and Courtney Monsma (playing Anna) at the helm of the all-Australian cast, I can’t wait to hear people singing much better than I do live It for a while, guys

That’s why, « For the first time ever », I rally my daughters, I get dressed, I order a round of frosé and I run away to Arendelle Because, let’s face it, it’s here summer we’ve waited 400 months so you can bet your last dollar i want to build a creepy snowman

Tickets for Frozen the Musical are on sale now, so be sure to pick them up for you and your friends here

A flexible COVID-19 exchange policy has been put in place, allowing guests who are not feeling well to exchange their tickets for free for a new performance or to offer a refund if another suitable date cannot to be found

Disney theatrical productions will continue to follow all federal and state advice and if advice or circumstances change, customers will be contacted as soon as possible. No customers are allowed to go to the theater if they are. symptomatic, if he has tested positive for COVID-19 or is awaiting test results

The Capitol Theater will operate in accordance with its COVID security plan with the aim of ensuring that your theater experience is as safe as reasonably possible The COVID security plan applicable at the time of your visit will be made available on the website of the theater

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