World News – AU – ISIS extremists fight over Australian passports


They could be defeated on the battlefields of the Middle East, but the Islamic State has stepped up its use of family ties and the internet to spread its hateful ideology in Australia and is using the courts to fight initiatives to deport them.

A University of Melbourne student, Toowoomba office worker, Sydney Catholic Church supporter and even a man known to have provided logistical support to an affiliate of the US 9/11 terrorist attack are among them. of those fighting against the cancellation of their visas and their ASIO supported citizenship

These are not the ones being sued in courts across the country for terrorism-related offenses, but rather they are challenging their visas to be torn up in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for terrorism-related links or actions.

Their cases would normally not be known to the public as they are quietly being deported from Australia, but some are now fighting against ASIO’s “unfavorable security assessments” to obtain a valuable Australian passport, which ASIO says has become « high value when sold to fund other politically motivated activities »

And such is the sensitivity around the cases, ASIO has had to hold some of the hearings and “classified evidence” in secret and use the crimes law to allow ASIO agents to use alleged identities such as the mysterious agent. « John Ward », apparently one of Australia’s leading anti-terrorism authorities providing expert evidence to courts

The domestic spy group cites the number of canceled visas to come and / or stay in Australia as underscoring the continued desire of those with direct terrorist affiliations or support for ideologies engaged in politically motivated violence to settle here

The ASIO did not comment on his cases, but confirmed that a « small number » of adverse visa-related security assessments for counterterrorism reasons had been carried out, but declined to do so. say how much

It is, however, known that ASIO has provided over 11,000 general security assessments to the Home Office in the last fiscal year to decide whether to issue visas and citizenship.

« ASIO continued to carry out a relatively small number of adverse visa-related security assessments, most of which were issued for counterterrorism reasons, » a spokesperson said yesterday.

In one case this year, a Lebanese man married to an Australian citizen and holding a partner visa was assessed by ASIO as a direct / indirect risk to the security of the country while communicating with his brother and his uncle in Syria, the latter being an ISIS leader

The phone was specifically used to communicate with these ISIS-linked figures in Syria via an encrypted messaging app, before the brother was killed in action

« The ASIO found that the petitioner supported politically motivated violence and ISIL and used security practices while engaging with people concerned about security, including people based in Syria affiliated with the ASIA. ‘EIIL,’ says his assessment

In some cases, on technical legal aspects, ISIS suspects or supporters are granted the right to remain in Australia while others, like terrorist wife Zehra Duman, fight to return.

ASIO agent, M Ward, said ASIO made a clear distinction between fundamentalism and extremism and was only concerned about the latter during security assessments. He warned of the dangers of Facebook being used to promote or incite the opinions and actions of extremists and refuted suggestions that ISIS / ISIL’s battlefield losses meant it was less important

« ISIL has become much more than a military force in countries like Iraq and Syria, it has extended its reach beyond these lands with attacks, successful or not, in Australia and elsewhere. and remaining a source of inspiration for those who would like to carry these attacks on his behalf  »

He said a recent administrative appeals tribunal thwarted terrorist plots in Australia showed that the intent had remained and that many suspects wanted Australian passports because they were of great value on the black market: « According to ASIO , it is likely that these plots were fostered by a combination of ISIS propaganda calling for bombings in Australia, resonating this message with an increasingly younger and less predictable cohort of individuals. tendency to target violence at easily achievable and unsophisticated targets  »


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News from the world – AU – ISIS extremists fight for Aussie passports


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