World news – AU – League of Legends: [Updated 11/16] Fnatic reportedly replaced Nemesis with Nisqy, and Rekkles is exploring a free agency


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11/16 update: According to Esportmaniacos Pablo “Bloop” Suárez Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is interested in exploring free agencies. While re-signing with Fnatic is not far from veteran AD Carry’s table, G2 Esports are Rekkles’ anticipated firsts now that G2 has split from Luka « Perkz » Perković.

Cloud9 mid laner Yasin « Nisqy » Dinçer is said to be on track to replace Tim « Nemesis » Lipovsek at LEC’s Fnatic, according to Esportsmaniacos and Lequipe. According to both implementers, there is a verbal agreement between the parties, which will return Nisqy to Europe, after two years with Cloud9.. .

According to recent reports, letting Nisqy go from Cloud9 is inevitable, as the LCS team is set to sign G2 Esports’ Luka « Perkz » Perkovic, whose departure from the LEC champ has been officially confirmed.. Reports indicate that Perkz, who was originally a mid-level player but switched over to ADC after Rasmus « Caps » Winther reached G2, wants to return to his original role, and Cloud9 is willing to give him this chance.. With the biggest transfer scoop this season, which will go official at the start of the pre-season in November. 16, Cloud9 will be looking to return to winning the LCS titles and making deep rounds of the Worlds.

Nisqy’s signature to Fnatic should be beneficial to both parties. Nisqy will return to stronger territory and arguably give Fnatic an upgrade over Nemesis. If the rest of the Fnatic members stayed the same, the storied LEC team would have a steady roster and a strong duo in the middle of the woods between Nisqy and Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek.

With G2 losing one of its biggest stars at Perkz, the move could also bridge the gap in the rivalry that is setting LECs between them and Fnatic heading into Spring 2021.

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World News – AU – League of Legends: [UPDATED 11/16] Fnatic reportedly He has replaced Nemesis with Nisqy and Rekkles exploring the Free Agency


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