World news – AU – Mariah Carey announces new Christmas album and TV special feast featuring star-studded guests


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Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson are also set for a new edition of « Oh Santa! »

The show, which will debut on AppleTV on December 4, will include music performances and guest appearances from Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson and Snoop Dogg.

The special will also be accompanied by an audio clip featuring a new version of « Oh Santa! » Carrie with Grande and Hudson. She hinted that the team was on paper last month.

Last year, her classic Christmas single « All I Want for Christmas Is You » topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time, 25 years after its release..

Earlier this month, a fan of music shared an amazing mix of Metallica with Mariah Carey mixing « All I Want For Christmas Is You » with James Hetfield’s tracks and vocals from « For Whom The Bell Tolls ».

Carey also recently revealed that she worked on an alternative rock album in 1995 before the project was postponed.

Earlier this week, the singer shared a previously unreleased video of her 1995 song « Underneath The Stars ».

Taken from her fifth album, « Daydream, » the long-lost clip is the latest installment of the pop star’s year-long celebration of # MC30.

Filmed during its « Daydreaming » promo, with the « Underneath The Stars » video showing behind-the-scenes tour footage, audience clips, and footage of Carrie singing the track.

Back in 2012, Carey tweeted that a video clip had been created for the song, but said she did not know what happened to her.. « Unknown fact, I filmed a video clip of 4 » Underneath the Stars « in France & England which & was never released, and I don’t know where it is! » She said at the time.

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World News – AU – Mariah Carey has announced a new Christmas album and TV holiday special featuring star-studded guests
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