World News – AU – Mark Wahlberg « avoids hotel quarantine » after arriving in Australia


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Posted: 14:24 GMT, 3. December 2020 | Updated: 8:43 PM GMT, Jan.. December 2020

According to The Daily Telegraph, the 49-year-old actor was given permission to self-isolate in a house instead of the mandatory two-week hotel quarantine.

The Hollywood star is reportedly currently quarantined on private property in the trendy coastal town of Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Quarantine: Mark Wahlberg (pictured) reportedly avoided hotel quarantine after arriving in Australia to film a new campaign for the online betting company Ladbrokes.

Mark will spend 14 days at the home, which reportedly makes him more than 400. $ 000.

According to the NSW government website, individuals returning from overseas are exempt from staying in a quarantine hotel only if there are « strong medical, health, or compassionate reasons ». .

After completing his two-week quarantine, Mark will reportedly fly back to Sydney to film an ad for the online betting company Ladbrokes.

The actor was spotted with his entourage on a private jet in Sydney on Monday night. Then he got on a second plane to Byron Bay.

The footage shows the Patriots Day star emerging from his jet and flanked by security guards holding umbrellas.

Private property: Mark will be spending 14 days in the private household, which is reportedly more than 400. $ 000.

Want to see you here! Mark landed quietly on a private jet in Sydney on Monday evening before heading to Byron Bay

Before arriving Down Under, Mark was last seen celebrating Thanksgiving at a church in Beverly Hills with his wife, Rhea, and their sons, Michael, 14 and Brendan, 12.

Mark and Rhea, who have been married for 11 years, also share two daughters, Ella (16) and Grace (10).

Fly alone? It’s unclear if Mark was with his wife Rhea (right) for his trip Down Under

Actor Zac Efron is currently in Adelaide filming his newest project, Gold, after spending much of the Covid-19 pandemic in Byron Bay.

Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy and Chris Evans are shooting Nicole Kidman’s new Hulu miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers in Byron Bay.

Natalie Portman is currently in Queensland filming the Marvel blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder, while British star Idris Elba recently arrived in Sydney to film Three Thousand Years of Longing.

In good company! Mark is currently one of several Hollywood megastars in Australia. Actor Zac Efron (pictured) is currently shooting his latest project, Gold

in Adelaide

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Mark Wahlberg, Australia

World News – AU – Mark Wahlberg « avoids hotel quarantine » after arriving in Australia
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