World News – AU – Matt Dery Offers Courageous Solution to Solve the Problems of the Detroit Lions


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The Detroit Lions’ issues were re-debated throughout the week as the team had one of the worst performances ever.

Detroit were knocked out 20-0 by the Carolina Panthers and the poor performance has angered those who want sweeping changes to the organization.

The « Locked on Lions » host has offered a bold solution to solve the problem of historically futile organization and it has named it « HLN ». « 

Dery stated in his latest podcast, « What HLN is (is) Hire Louis Now. Louis is Louis Riddick. It’s time for the Detroit Lions to get rid of Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. Those two should be fired, win or lose on Thursday night. Five years of Bob Quinn not working. Three years of Matt Patricia certainly won’t work. It’s a debacle. « 

Riddick’s desire to lead a team as general manager has grown steadily over the past few years due to the high quality work of the ESPN analyst and his understanding of the league and the players.

« It’s time to hire Louis now, » Dery continued. « It’s time to bring Louis Riddick into the group. He is a retired player and defender from Pittsburgh. Played with numerous teams in the NFL, including the Cleveland Browns, and he’s a sharp, sharp man. And he’s ready to take on an NFL team. « 

Over the next few days, there will be many offering solutions to solve the Lions’ problem.

This idea has the ability to actually work. But would the new main owner Sheila Ford Hamp and the Ford family be ready to hire another analyst directly from the broadcast booth?

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Time to give Stafford the boot is also written way too high. They screwed it up for the past 2 years while passing QBs in the draft

Same idea but I would give Chris Speillman the keys for the Lions. He is a former Lions player with a passion for football and a football knowledge that is unmatched by anyone.

Same idea. . . but I would give the keys to the Lions to Chris Speilman. He’s a Lions guy who eats, sleeps and drinks soccer.

A common theme for all of the misery of the lion over the years. The Ford family as owners. During Joe Montana’s run to 4 Super Bowl wins, he was asked what was the most important part of winning Super Bowls. Was it great quarterbacking? Strong Defense? Good balance? What makes Super Bowl teams?. Joe hesitated: « It’s the owner of the franchise. You must have an owner who is wholeheartedly committed to winning. Who will do anything to win?. « 

I’m telling Eric Bieremy to hire for HC. And swap Stafford for a top pick this off-season to catch Lawrence. I love Stafford but when we build up he’ll be on his way out. We have young / good pieces on the offensive based on Golladay, Swift, Hock, Ragnow, Jackson, etc.. Can build up.

I have no problem with Louis, Ozzie or whoever! Just get Quinn and Patricia from Detroit

That’s a terrible idea. We have to go out this season to see where the team is going. You can still get up to 500. Lions keep giving up on their trainers / GMs and it’s awful. I would love to see this go back to the brown paper bag days of the Matt Millen era. However, I am a packer fan

Whoever is chosen lets them have a vision and a plan to achieve this. . .

Or better yet, give Ozzie Newsome what he wants and put 2-3 chips in B.. just say more

Here’s an even better 1 Give Ozzie Newsom whatever he wants, put 2-3 chips in B more

No matter who they hire, we’ve seen many employees who gave us Lions fans hope only to see they fail. The only common thread in this franchise’s miserable existence is ownership. Lay off the Ford family so they can focus on cars, not football.

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World News – AU – Matt Dery offers bold solutions to solve the Detroit Lions’ problems



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