World News – AU – MLSW v SYTW, Final, Womens Big Bash League 2020


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7. 1 Darlington to Sciver, 1 barrel, of good length on the pads, worked away in front of the square leg for a single

6. 6 Ismail to Sutherland, no run, 4-0-12-2 – I call it Ismail for the player of the final. It’s another wide ball that bounces. Sutherland is pushed back to defend himself from under her nose. That ends a phenomenal spell of fast-paced bowling – one that could have gotten a few more wickets. For God’s sake, Lanning basically got her three times. . .

6. 5 Ismail to Sutherland, no run, Sutherland has yet another footless drive behind him and is beaten on the outside edge

6. 4 Ismail to Sciver, 1 barrel, slides through the outside, chops off the bottom edge for a single

to the third man

6. 3 Ismail to Sutherland, 1 run, takes off from a short length, Sutherland has a crouched cut, gets a top edge courtesy of the extra rebound, and that drops Knight on the slip who tried it single-handedly – blows up for you the third man too. . .

6. 2 Ismail to Sutherland, no run, back from a long ball to off, defended a high stance. . .

6. 1 Ismail to Lanning, caught by Tahlia Wilson! The third time is a spell! All of Sydney, all of Australia can’t contain Ismail’s excitement! She’s dumped Lanning twice in the last three overs and eventually Haynes took the gamble of throwing her out and it paid off! Lanning has an outward kick and the ball kisses the outside edge to get through to the goalkeeper. Lanning c Tahlia Wilson b Ismail 13 (15) [4s-1 6s-1]

5. 6 Sammy-Jo Johnson to Sciver, no run, full length ball outside, Sciver drives this straight to cover

5. 5 Sammy-Jo Johnson to du Preez, out Lbw! Breaaaaathe Sammy, breathe. Breathe the fire girl! This is a diving ball that du Preez tries to stroke the line and it almost landed on her boots. This is as perpendicular as an LBW can be, and after 10 balls with a multitude of games and failures, Sammy-Jo Johnson is happy! du Preez lbw b Sammy-Jo Johnson 4 (10)

5. 4 Sammy-Jo Johnson to Lanning, 1 run, full length ball outside, Lanning makes contact and cuts it for a third man. . .

5. 3 Sammy-Jo Johnson to Lanning, no run, Sammy-Jo Johnson sees the funny side of Meg Lanning playing and missing – while another hits the outside edge due to seam movements. . .

5. 2 Sammy-Jo Johnson to Lanning, no run, sewing again, a thick inner edge on the pads, and that is a huge attraction! Not specified!

5. 1 Sammy-Jo Johnson to Lanning, no run, that’s an absolute peach! That was going down the middle and the middle, and Lanning played that line – a confident straight drive – and it hit the outside edge and the stump! A wry smile from Sammy-Jo Johnson . . .

Melbourne Stars (WBBL), Sydney Thunder (WBBL), Elyse Villani, Shabnim Ismail, Meg Lanning

World news – AU – MLSW versus SYTW, final, Womens Big Bash League 2020
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About 2. Power play fielding. 1 run. Bowler: Sammy-Jo Johnson. Melbourne Stars Women: 0-3 (rr 1. 50)
Melbourne Stars Women versus Sydney Thunder Women, final
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