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The US space agency’s CNEOS (Center for Near Earth Object Studies) site has released surprisingly detailed data on the faulty asteroid. NASA confirmed that 153201 2000 WO107 on Sunday, April 29th. November, will pass the earth.

The uninvited visitor to our cosmic neighborhood will pass the earth at his cupboard at 10 o’clock. 09:00 GMT (5. 9 a.m. ET).

The asteroid is expected to be a real monster, estimated to be 370 m to 820 m in diameter. .

To put this into perspective: The widest rogue rock is almost as high as Dubai’s legendary skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

NASA also predicted how the asteroid is currently hurtling through space at a whopping 25. 07 km / s – that’s 56. 000 km / h.

Even the astronomers with the most eagle eyes will not be able to see the asteroid from solid ground.

This is because 2000 WO107 is only within 0. 02876 astronomical units to earth (2. 673. 409 miles).

Although it seems like a major challenge for NASA to refer to this asteroid as « tight-fitting », the term is technically correct.

The space agency classifies the rock as a Near Earth Object (NEO), the term for any asteroid or comet that is within 1. 3 AU of the earth.

An AU is a useful astronomical measurement that is the average distance between the earth and the sun.

NASA has even confirmed that 2000 WO107 is not the only asteroid that exploded on Sunday the 29th. November, comes relatively close to our planet.

On the Space Agency’s NEO website, 2020 WC2 is listed as a little less spectacular on the weekend.

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This asteroid is at its closet point to the blue planet at 7 o’clock. 4 p.m. GMT (2. 4 p.m. ET).

And his other stats are less impressive as well, as the asteroid zooms through the cosmos at « only » 22. 33 km / s

The asteroid will also be far away than the earlier encounter on Sunday at midnight. 03582 AU (3. 329. 676 miles).

However, both space rocks are classified as Apollo asteroids and describe their inevitable trajectory to Earth orbit.

Although there is no way to influence Earth, the National Strategy and Action Plan for Preparing for Objects near NASA is already preparing for a worst-case scenario.

The space agency previously recognized that asteroids as small as 1 km in diameter can lead to apocalyptic scenarios.

Fortunately, such events are so rare that Earth has not encountered such a catastrophic asteroid collision since the dinosaurs died 66 million years ago.

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World news – AU – NASA asteroid tracker: The space agency reveals 2. 700 feet of space rock near-Earth approach
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