World News – AU – NBA: James Jones is pleased with the Sun’s collective game


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James Jones was one of the key players in transforming the suns into a competitive team after several years. The general manager’s approach has defied the current trend towards recruiting a big star. Instead, he decided to create an extremely diverse and balanced team, both in terms of quality, depth and experience.

The inclusion of Chris Paul and Jae Crowder was a significant boost that helped build great chemistry with Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges, the leaders of the young core. And more importantly, the team plays well, convinces and wins. You currently rank second in the Western Conference with a balance of three wins and one loss.

« The NBA has a limited number of elite players or those who are considered superstars, » Jones told Arizona Sports. “There are a number of people who are at the top of the league. And there is the younger generation that is showing up. However, you don’t have 40 or 50 dominant players at the same time. It’s impossible just by numbers. That’s why we chose good young players. If we can be strong together, we have a chance against teams like the Lakers, which have two exceptional high-level players. “

This firmness and determination around the collective play is bearing its first fruits. The men of Monty Williams won their last two games with an average advantage of 20. 5 points, while up to seven players score double-digit points and the bank exceeds 40 points per evening.

« These guys play well together, » Jones continued. “If you take them aside and just say, ‘Cam, you have to take us with you tonight’ or ‘Langston, you have to lead the team’, they are not doing that well. If we play the way we want to play, which means that all the players are involved and contribute, they work well and we have performances like the ones we had last night [por la de los Pelicans]. ”

Tonight, the Suns will wrap up 2020 with a commitment to Utah in which they will try to add another win that will allow them to build their way to the playoffs. For his part, Jones expects the team’s offensive potential and chemistry to continue to grow.

« I know our guys try to be relentless on attack: attacking the edge, getting to the color, getting free shots … So if I had to say it, our focus right now is being on attack mode and about put pressure on the defense “executive branch.

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World News – AU – NBA: James Jones is happy with the Sun’s collective game
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