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NBN Co will be offering heavily discounted internet packages, slashing prices up to $ 24 per month, with the goal of catching more customers

NBN Co will offer Internet packages at very favorable prices in an attempt to expand its customer base and strengthen future revenues

The broadband service provider will offer monthly discounts between $ 2 and $ 24 and increase download speeds for many of its wholesale data plans

The “Focus on Fast” campaign offered to retailers is designed to encourage the sale of higher speed plans to customers to provide better internet at home

The promotion will be implemented in early December with discounts running for six months

Wholesale prices for its one gigabit per second Ultrafast plan will sell for $ 80 per month – a savings of $ 24 – while its 100 megabit per second wholesale plan attracts only a $ 2 discount to a monthly price of $ 56

Take a look at some of the best NBN plans Australian carriers have to offer during this work from home coronavirus pandemic

NBN Co’s director of clientele Brad Whitcomb says home internet speeds have become increasingly important as a significant proportion of the population continues to work from home

« More and more customers are choosing to upgrade to higher speed plans, and these measures provide additional value and incentives for retailers to help customers move to higher speed plans that may be better. adapted to their needs « , he says

NBN Co has provided Internet retailers with additional data capacity at no additional cost during the pandemic due to increased demand, but usage is starting to decline

NBN provided additional capacity to internet providers during the coronavirus pandemic Image: providedSource: Regional Press Media

Part of its effort to achieve a greater proportion of premium plans is to meet the revenue targets of $ 57 billion, which is needed for the national network to pay for itself

According to the provider, around 72% of its fixed network is available to offer speeds of over 100 megabits per second

The company predicts by 2023 that the NBN network will be able to deliver speeds of over 500 megabits per second

M Whitcomb said organic growth in data usage in Australia showed demand doubling every four years and needed an industry-wide response

« The offers we are working to introduce on December 1, 2020 leverage the strength and growing capabilities of the national broadband network to meet customer demand for higher speed services, » he said. declared

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World News – UA – NBN Provides Faster, Less Expensive Internet Access


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