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NMI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: NMIH) quarterly results were released last week, making it a good time to reconsider its performance that appears to be a reliable result overall – despite revenue of $ 108 million It was what analysts had expected, NMI Holdings was surprised to achieve a (legal) profit of $ 0 45 per share, 26% higher than expected. This is an important time for investors, as they can track the company’s performance in its report, and look at what experts expect for the next year. And to see if there was any change in the business outlook we thought readers would find it interesting to see the latest (legal) analysts’ post-earnings forecast for the next year

Taking into account the latest results, the most recent consensus on NMI Holdings from six analysts is for $ 478 4 million in 2021 revenue which, if fulfilled, would be a noticeable 12% increase in sales over the past twelve months. Statutory earnings per share (EPS) is expected to decline 75% to $ 2 $ 17 in the same period but before the latest earnings, analysts were expecting revenue to be $ 480 million and earnings per share (EPS) $ 2 $ 36 in 2021 so it looks like there has been a slight decline in General sentiment after recent results – There was no major change in revenue estimates, but analysts did slightly downgrade their earnings per share forecast

It might come as a surprise to learn that the agreed price target has not changed widely at $ 25 In the 21st century, analysts are clearly indicating that the expected decline in earnings is not expected to have a significant impact on the valuation however, stabilization could be On a single price target is unwise, given that the consensus target is effectively the average analyst’s price targets as a result, some investors like to look at the range of estimates to see if there are any divergent opinions about the company’s valuation. NMI Holdings analyst’s most optimistic target is $ 30. 00 a share, while the most pessimistic estimates it at $ 20 00 This shows that there is still a bit of variation in the estimates, but it doesn’t seem like analysts are completely split on the stock as if it was a hit or miss

These estimates are interesting, but it may be useful to draw some broad lines when seeing how the forecast compares with past performance of NMI Holdings and peers in the same industry We would like to highlight that NMI Holdings’ revenue growth is expected to slow, with an expected increase By 12% next year, well below the historical P’s 36%AOver the past five years by contrast, our data indicates that other companies (with analyst coverage) in a similar industry are expected to see their revenues shrink by 73% annually so it is clear that despite the slowdown in growth, it is still expected that NMI Holdings is growing faster than the wider industry.

The biggest concern is that analysts have lowered their earnings-per-share estimates, suggesting that business headwinds may be ahead of NMI Holdings. On the plus side, they haven’t made any changes to their earnings estimates – and they expect sales to perform better than the broader industry hasn’t There is a real change to the agreed target price, which indicates that the intrinsic value of the business has not undergone any major changes with the most recent estimate

With that in mind, we’re not going to rush to a conclusion on NMI Holdings. The strength of long-term earnings is more important than next year’s earnings. We have estimates – from many NMI Holdings analysts – to come out through 2022, and you can see them for free at Our platform is here

However, before you get too excited, we spot two NMI Holdings warning signs you should be aware of.

This article by Simply Wall St is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, nor does it take into account your objectives or financial position. We aim to provide you with a focused long-term analysis driven by fundamental data Note that our analysis may not include the company’s latest announcements Price sensitive or quality sensitive Wall Street has no position in any of the listed stocks Do you have any notes on this article? Worried about the content? Contact us directly or alternatively send an email to the editorial staff @

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With all this in mind, we used a database. TipRanks As we search for compelling plays by relying on two in particular, the platform has identified two stocks that have received overwhelming bullish praise from the street, enough to win the consensus of Atlanta-based PulteGroup (PHM) PulteGroup analyst is the third largest. To build homes in the United States, where they generate about $ 10 billion in annual revenue, the economic expansion we’ve seen over the past three years has been beneficial to the company, as wage growth and expansion in the labor market put money in people’s hands. The COVID-19 pandemic struck during the first quarter of the year. Year, and PulteGroup saw a drop in profits and revenues – but the first quarter was the slowest company over the year, with net profits rising during the fourth quarter not only continuing P HM is following this pattern, but the quarterly results in 2020 consistently beat expectations and posted annual gains in the third quarter, the most recent report reported, EPS was $ 1 34, the highest in more than two years, in terms of revenue of $ 2 95 billion. The stock price, PHM fell in February / March, along with the overall markets, but the stock has been rising since then PHM hit its lowest level on March 23, and over the past seven and a half months it has rebounded 148%, writes analyst Michael Dahl, who RBC Capital’s PHM covers, “While growth at the moment is the rage, the balanced and yield-based PHM model has historically required a stronger premium, and we expect this to return in the coming months as investors shift their focus looking at more challenging companies.” And community statistic trends and inflationary pressures across the peer group most importantly, that PHM remains in a good position on the ground with more than 7 years in control (53% owned, 47% optional), which is positive in a land-limited and inflated environment; Combined with pricing strength, this should allow it to maintain GM> 24%. ”Dahl ranks the stock as an outperformer (i e buy) and its $ 53 target price points to a 22% rally for the next year (to see Dahl’s record, click here) visually. General, PulteGroup has a strong buying rating from analyst consensus, based on 6 buys and 2 contracts set in recent weeks: $ 43 a share 12 trading price and $ 55 67 average target price means a one-year upside of 225% (see PHM stock analysis At TipRanks) Dynatrace, Inc (DT) With our second inventory, we’re moving into the world of artificial intelligence. Dynatrace is an AI company that provides cloud platforms that monitor and manage business programs. The company’s AI can manipulate the infrastructure in system architecture and cloud software, making it a comprehensive network management tool. Seeking to reduce system stress The popularity of Dynatrace products only grew during the Coronavirus crisis as white-collar desks make a strong shift toward working remotely and virtual desktops, robust systems management has become a valuable commodity ever since it was reported. In mid-March, DT shares showed investors a healthy recovery. The stock has risen 90% since its lowest level in March. This stock covers Needham, Jack Andrews describes Dynatrace as the right company in the right place at the right time « [with] issuance cycles accelerate and services become hybrid , The demand for DT is increasing due to the increasing complexity of enterprise systems The DT platform provides automation / artificial intelligence to alert and dynamically monitor the structure of systems. We believe the suitability of a DT product may enable it to capture a large mix of AI-enabled enterprise workloads as it replaces the existing tool and with customers expanding into additional modules, ”Andrews said in line with his comments, Andrews appointed DT buy rating, price target of $ 50 indicates confidence in a one-year rise of 61% (to see Andrews record, click here) Overall, Wall Street liked this stock, and had a consensus rating from excellent analysts, as TipRanks’ analysis showed that DT is a strong buy out of 11 analysts tracked by TipRanks in the past three months, 10 were bullish, while only 1 remained on the sidelines with a potential return of nearly 34%, the agreed target price for the stock stands at $ 50 36 (see DT Stock Analysis At TipRanks) To find good stock trading ideas with attractive reviews, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unites all the stock insights for TipRanks Disclaimer: The opinions presented in this article e Only the opinions of distinguished analysts. The content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

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