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World News – AU – NRL players charged with assault after alleged brawl

. . Canberra Raiders player Tom Starling meets on Jan.. January to Gosford County Court.

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Canberra Raiders rising star Tom Starling has been charged after allegedly assaulting police officers in an incident on the Central Coast.

Police were called to Shady Palms Bar and Restaurant in Kincumber after security asked a user to leave the restaurant.

By the time the police arrived they had done so and the officers reportedly decided to conduct a shop inspection.

The officers then assisted security in throwing another man from the premises, who was later arrested.

During this time, police reportedly encountered three other men, including Starling, a 20-year-old man and a 24-year-old man, who became aggressive and attacked the officers.

All four men were arrested and charged after the riot force visited the scene that left a male police officer with a cut in the hand who was being tended by paramedics.

The 22-year-old Starling has been charged with five attacks on an officer while he is on duty, as well as affronts and opposition to the arrest.

The charges against Tom Starling from Canberra Raiders: The 22-year-old man was charged by the assault officer in the performance of his duty (x5), who insults and opposes or hinders the police in the performance of his duty.

Just received a statement from the NRL that said, « The Canberra Raiders have reported an alleged incident involving Tom Starling to the Integrity Unit. « The Integrity Unit works with both the NSW police and the club. « 

BREAKING: Raider Tom Starling was arrested overnight after an incident. Accused of attacking the police. The NRL investigation has started. @ 9NewsSyd @NRLonNine

Starling and the nameless 19-year-old, 20-year-old and 24-year-old men also faced with similar charges of assault and assault were given bail.

« The Canberra Raiders were made aware of an incident involving Tom Starling overnight, » the statement said.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that Starling will vehemently deny that he threw any beatings or acted aggressively during the incident.

NewsCorp has released pictures of the Canberra Raiders player with multiple cuts and abrasions on his face as a result of the incident.

Shocking pictures of a battered Tom Starling were posted, as well as vital details about what sparked a brawl in which the Raiders’ rising star was arrested: https: // t. co / OzUeCo9LeL image. Twitter. com / dzOqCNAQkz

He is believed to have spoken extensively with club officials and detailed his version of the events.

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World News – AU – NRL players charged with assault after alleged brawl

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