. World news – AU – Over 50. 000 salmon escape into the wild after a fire at a fish farm in Tasmania


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Around 52. 000 farmed salmon have escaped into the wild after an « inexplicable » fire in a fish house in Tasmania.

The fire broke out today at a Huon Aquaculture farm in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel south of Hobart.

« We estimate that we are between 50. 000 and 52. 000 lost four kilograms of fish, « said Peter Bender, CEO of Huon Aquaculture.

An investigation into the fire that damaged a third of a pin above and below the waterline is ongoing.

« We have electrical devices on our pens, but in 35 years of farming we have never had an electrical fire on a fish pen, so the cause puzzled us, » said Bender.

Citing a 2018 report by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies on escaped farmed fish, Bender was confident that the mass exodus would not harm native animals.

« Farmed salmon generally don’t seem to feed on native species as they are usually fed on fish pellets, » Bender said.

« Escaped salmon usually don’t last long, unfortunately what the seals don’t get is what the fisherman does quickly. « 

In mid-2018, wild storms damaged several Huon fish feathers in southern Tasmania, released hundreds of thousands of salmon, and gave many recreational anglers a meal.

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World News – AU – Over 50. 000 salmon escape into the wild after a fire at a fish farm in Tasmania
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