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Alejandro’ Papu ‘Gómez may have been living as an Atalanta player for the last few weeks. The war with Gasperini is total and the Argentine has again been struck off the team’s list to visit Bologna. It’s the second game in a row that the team captain won’t even focus on. To this day, it is completely impossible for Papu Gómez to stand in the ranks of the DEA beyond the winter market, which is why he will face Real Madrid in the second round of champions in February.

Corriere della Sera indicates that his agent, Guiseppe Riso, will meet with the Percassi family, owners and owners of Atalanta, over the next few days to find a solution to a problem that is already being addressed. The player’s idea is that the Bergamo unit will make the exit easier as he still has a year and a half on his contract (ending Dec.. June 2022). . As Tuttosport progresses, Atalanta is asking interested clubs (Juve, Inter, Milan, Naples, Lazio, PSG …) for 10 million euros to leave the footballer to the fact that they cannot give away a player to reinforce a direct rival. The possibility of going to the USA is also on the table. To that 10 million we would have to add the token that has yet to be collected by the playmaker, which is around 3. 5 million euros by the end of the contract, numbers to which 1 should be added. 15 million taxes per million salary according to lax Italian legislation. Therefore, the club that wants to use the services of Papu Gómez must know that they will have to pay around 17 million euros for a football player who will turn 33 next February. It seems like a bargain.

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World news – AU – Papu Gómez costs 17 million – Sports Finding
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Papu Gómez costs 17 million
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