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Less than two weeks after losing the LNP in the Queensland elections, the party has put its future in the hands of two David

Deep Frickington will not lead the Queensland LNP after she steps down and the party named David Chrisafuli in her place on Thursday. Photo: Peter Wallis Source: News Corp Australia

David Chrisafuli and David Janitsky will lead the National Liberal Party of Queensland during the next four years of opposition, a day after it is confirmed that the party will lose two additional seats to the Palaszczuk government

For the first time, the Queensland opposition will have to cut its time by four years after the introduction of a longer period of time

Both Mr. Chrisafuli and Janitsky were voted into the top positions at a party room meeting on Thursday, 10 days after Deep Frickington resigned from her job following the brutal election loss.

This comes after ECQ announced all results from the October 31 elections, including exact results in Nicklin and Bundaberg

In Nicklin, the Labor Party grabbed the LNA seat by just 79 votes, according to election analyst Anthony Green.

The situation was tighter in Bundaberg, where the Liberal National Party lost its seat by 11 votes and the Queensland Electoral Commission confirmed that recounts would take place in both seats

Assuming these results continue, the Labor Party, led by Anastasia Balashuk, will win 52 of the 93 seats in the parliament, making it a difficult task for the new leadership of the Libyan National Party

Former Liberian National Police leader Deep Frickington and new leader David Crisafoli at Thursday’s party room meeting Photo: Peter Wallis Source: News Corp Australia

Broadwater MP David Chrisafuli is the only person nominated for opposition leader post after Deep Frickington stepped aside last week

Mr. Crisafulli was elected for the first time as a member of Mundingburra in North Queensland between 2012 and 2015, before losing his seat, he moved to the Gold Coast and was elected MP for Broadwater in 2017

By the 2024 election, the Liberal National Party will be in opposition for nearly a decade, after the Newman government was overthrown in January 2015

Mr Chrisafuli said last week that he might « offer discipline to hold government and energy accountable to begin a four-year mission to prepare an LNP for the government in 2024 »

David Janetsky, a member of parliament in Toowoomba South, is appointed deputy leader of the opposition in Queensland state Photo: Kevin Farmer Source: News Regional Media

After a four-tiered battle for the vice leadership role between Steve Miniken, David Janitsky, Dale Last and Christian Rowan, it was Toowoomba’s Southern deputy who won his party’s trust.

Mr. Janitsky was elected in July 2016, and since then has served as shadow attorney general and Minister of Justice

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World News – AU – QLD Opposition Reveals New leaders


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