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Ransomware remains the most common cyber threat for small and medium businesses, according to a new report from Datto..

Datto, a global provider of cloud-based technology and software solutions designed specifically to be offered by managed service providers, has unveiled its fifth annual report on the global status of the ransomware channel.. More than 1,000 MSPs have focused on the impact of COVID-19 on the security posture of small and medium businesses (SMBs), along with other notable trends leading to ransomware breaches..

The survey found that 60% of managed service providers reported that their SME customers had been hit as of the third quarter of 2020.

The impact of attacks like these continues to grow: the average cost of downtime is now 94% greater than it was in 2019, and nearly six times what it was in 2018, rising from $ 46,800 to $ 46,800. $ 274,200 over the past two years, according to Dattos research.

Phishing, poor user practices, and a lack of end-user security training remain major causes of successful ransomware attacks..

During the pandemic, the shift to remote work and the rapid adoption of cloud applications have increased security risks for companies. More than half (59%) of MSPs said that working remotely due to COVID-19 increased ransomware attacks, and 52% of MSPs reported that shifting customer workloads to the cloud increased security vulnerabilities..

As a result, SMEs need to take precautions to avoid the costly disruptions that occur in the wake of an attack. The survey also identified healthcare as the most vulnerable industry during the pandemic (59%)..

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for stronger security measures with the increasing proliferation of remote and cloud applications,” says Ryan Weeks, Datto’s chief information security officer..

“Reducing the risk of cyber attacks requires a multi-layered approach rather than one product awareness, education, experience, and tailored solutions that all play a major role.

“The survey highlights how MSPs are taking an additional step to partner with MSSPs that can provide more security-focused expertise, along with the more widespread use of security measures like SSO and 2FA, these are important strategies that companies and municipalities need to adopt To protect themselves from cyber threats now and in the future.

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World News – AU – Ransomware Most Common Cyber ​​Threat for Small and Medium Businesses – Report
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