World news – AU – SAS War Crimes Report: Australia braces for ‘brutal facts’


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The Marble Hall of Parliament of Australia in Canberra is very far from the dusty battlefields of Afghanistan.

But even as Malcolm Turnbull, then Prime Minister, was addressing a high-ranking audience about the virtues of the nation’s most married soldier two years ago, some of those at the top table already knew that Ben Roberts Smith’s heroics had overshadowed some of the harshest days of the Afghan conflict. Allegations of war crimes committed by the Special Forces.

Mr. Roberts Smith, 39, hands tight, head bent slightly and stood behind Mr. Turnbull as the Prime Minister spoke. A warrior in a business suit, five years have passed since he left behind a brilliant military career that led in its heyday to

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World News – AU – SAS War Crimes Report: Australia prepares for « brutal facts »
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