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World News – AU – Sea of ​​Thieves’ siren appears blazingly fast on Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X brings you back to the action almost instantly in Sea of ​​Thieves

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In Sea of ​​Thieves, waiting through the loading screen between interacting with a mermaid and spawning can be nerve-racking – usually it’s in the middle of a high stakes battle – but on Xbox Series X is pretty much instantaneous Compare that to 10-15 seconds on PC (in my experience), and you can see why this is a game changer

As was the case on Xbox One X, Sea of ​​Thieves will be optimized for Xbox Series X Rare says it expects improved load times, 4K and 60fps on Xbox Series X and 1080p and 60fps on Xbox Series S In this exciting little clip captured by Twitch streamer Stallion, you can see how fast load times are when you use a siren to respawn on your ship or outpost.

Catching a mermaid in Sea of ​​Thieves on Xbox Series X is fast as fire 👀 # photo XboxTwittercom / p4csIF4uw96 November 2020

If you’re not too familiar with Sea of ​​Thieves, let me explain why the super-fast load times in this particular scenario are so useful – aside from walking on water In a Megalodon Infested Ocean Is Never Fun As a rule of thumb, if you are at sea in the first place, it is because you are in the middle of a battle and have been knocked off the ship by a cannonball. cannon or trying to board the enemy ship When every second lost means more open wounds in your ship, long load times between siren appearances can be fatal

Like all games optimized for Xbox Series X from a Microsoft-owned studio, the next-gen version of Sea of ​​Thieves is a free upgrade for anyone who owns a copy of the current-gen game. list of all the games optimized for Xbox Series X that we know of and if they support Smart Delivery

If you’ve just set sail for your maiden voyage or need a quick overview, don’t miss our essential Sea of ​​Thieves tips

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World News – AU – The Sea of ​​Thieves Siren charges blazingly fast on Xbox Series X

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