World News – AU – « She’s an absolute shock »: Carrie Bickmore admits Adelaide isn’t sleeping


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In a new interview with Stellar magazine, Carrie Bickmore talks about daughter Adelaide’s poor sleep, how she doesn’t have a midlife crisis, and the fact that she wants to take more risks.

Carrie Bickmore reveals more about how she deals with age and her body as she gets older.

Yes, she is crazy about Pilates and yes she appears on national television. But her youngest daughter, Adelaide, also destroyed her couch with a permanent marker. And the potty training doesn’t go as planned.

« At the moment it’s all about survival, » said the moderator of the project in an interview with Stellar. “Addie… is an absolute shock when it comes to sleep. ”

Carrie spoke lovingly of her youngest and said that their conversation would come along. But she also admitted that her family is in purgatory.

« Addie has a lot of words, but she is an absolute shock when it comes to sleep, » she said.

« Right now we’re sleeping on pillows on the floor and it doesn’t help any of our osteo-bills. ”

The milestone celebration (which was a lot quieter than she’d hoped thanks to the coronavirus), a new tattoo, and a shorter haircut prompted Carrie’s mother to ask if she was okay.

« She asked me how I felt getting to 40. I said, « I don’t have a midlife crisis, » she recalled.

« I’ve been in lockdown just so long, I was glad to be released so I could do a few things. ”

Carrie lost her husband Greg Lange to brain cancer in 2010. He had been sick for a decade. Oliver was only three years old at the time.

« In my 20s, when everyone around me was pretty carefree, I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, » she said.

« I grew up faster than most people. I already had one child in my 30s and had two more much later.

“As I build up my professional and family life, I see all of my 30s as exhaustion.

« Now I just have to take a few more risks, be a little more carefree, and see where life is leading me. ”

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World News – AU – ‘She’s an absolute shocker’ : Carrie Bickmore admits Adelaide doesn’t sleep
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