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The Joker is the Dark Knight’s most famous villain, but who gets to play the character in The Batman?

Batman was supposed to be hitting theaters next June, but after being pushed back to October thanks to current world events, he has recently slipped down the calendar until 2022. That wasn’t a big surprise, and if the DC FanDome trailer makes any indication, director Matt Reeves takes it upon himself to the Dark Knight promise that it’s worth the wait..

The movie will spotlight villains like The Riddler and The Penguin, but it’s no secret that the director has plans for a trilogy, and there are already rumors circulating that he has big plans for The Joker..

Batman and the crime prince clown haven’t appeared on screen since the 2008 movie The Dark Knight (Suicide Squad doesn’t really count), so the replay will definitely feel like something new by the time the sequel to Batman Rolls over. The question is, who should follow the likes of Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix to turn into the next clown crime prince?

Well, although you will undoubtedly be aware of some of the usual suggestions, there are a number of actors who would be perfect to reinvent the villain in this gritty world. Here, you’ll find the ten best, and possibly unconventional, candidates. . .

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World News – AU – Batman: 10 actors who can play The Joker For Matt Reeves
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