World News – AU – The Chase’s Anne is furious when her salary is cut after the new Chaser joins


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Anne Hegerty of THE Chase is furious when her salary is cut after a new chaser joins the show.

The governess, 62, announced that the pursuers are only paid per performance. So if someone else joins their ranks, they all get less money.

In connection with the full schedule of host Bradley Walsh and the pandemic ruin of filming, Anne is already feeling the pressure.

After being asked on the Lewis Nicholls Show on YouTube if Anne wanted a new chaser, Anne said, « This is a tricky business as a lot of people imagine we got the same deal as Hollywood stars did in the 1930s.

« They were paid a month and a year, and they were employees in the studio and the studio would find them things to do for that salary. It doesn’t really work that way.

« We, The Chasers and Bradley, we get a flat fee for every fee we collect.

« So, every show I do is a show that I’m paid for and the other chasers aren’t. And that goes for all of us.

« If you want to divide the shows by six instead of five, do the math. « 

This comes after ITV announced a sixth chaser: Darragh « The Menace » Ennis, a former competitor on the show.

Anne, who is a chaser along with Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha and Jenny Ryan, said Bradley’s extensive shooting schedule could mean they’ll grow old forever without doing new episodes.

She continued, « The problem is that Bradley is so in demand and good, so excellent at everything he does and can do so many different things, and of course he’s massively in demand.

« And besides the chase during the day, there are ten other things he does. Most of the time we will find out: « You know the film block that was booked, we are not filming this week. « .

« It turns out that Bradley was doing some other game show or something. And we don’t work during this time.

« Then of course you add a global pandemic and last year because Bradley was still doing Doctor Who we only recorded 93 shows. And we should have recorded that twice already.

« This year we were hoping to make up for that and do 150, 160, and then that didn’t happen. So we were hoping to catch up in the spring, but then again, it all depends on Bradley’s availability and it depends on whether any of those vaccines work. « 

The Chase is a UK game show where contestants play against a professional quizzer who tries to keep the team from winning the prize.

A team of four tries individually to collect money for the price pot before the chaser immediately manages.

Big Brothers Heavy D said in the last video

, « I need all the blessings I can get.  »

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World News – AU – The Chase’s Anne is furious when her salary is cut after the new Chaser joins



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